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5 Love Languages Quiz PDF
5 Love Languages Quiz PDF
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Author: Dr. Gary Chapman

The phrase “love languages” was invented by Dr. Gary Chapman to describe how humans express and receive love. The love languages, however, aren’t simply for romance! You can use the love languages to show how much you appreciate people in business, to help friends, and to show how much you care about a partner.Take the Love Language quiz to find out which of the five love languages you speak!

Quality Time

Spending time together and enjoying one another’s company is what quality time entails.

People in need of quality time seek alone time with their loved ones and want to catch up with them by spending time alone where they can communicate and connect.

If you find yourself continuously wanting to be with someone rather than merely hearing from or writing to them, you need alone time. You will not be pleased or happy until you can spend time with the person or people you care about.

Physical Touch

Physical contact involves expressing affection through embracing, caressing, being intimate, or just placing a loving hand on another person’s shoulder.

People who need physical contact desire to be hugged, cuddled, and constantly exhibit “PDA,” or public displays of affection, to feel loved and to communicate their love for those they care about.

If you are feeling lonely and lost because you have not been physically near a loved one, you need physical contact. You have a strong desire to be near people you care about, and you express your feelings for them through hugs, massages, and even sitting close together.


The love language of presents does not need huge or costly gifts. It might be notes, CDs, flowers, or a croissant. These modest symbols of affection are given to the giver or recipient.

When you invest money and/or effort in selecting a present for someone in need, they feel valued. Often, the adage “it’s the idea that matters” is true here.

If you ponder about or wait impatiently for holidays or birthdays to see what your loved ones will bring you, you need presents.

For people who speak the love language of presents, gifts are frequently a significant test in relationships.

Acts of Service

Actions of service are acts of love when one person does something for another. This may include cleaning, cooking, driving, or doing errands. The other person feels or expresses love by doing that act of service.

People who need acts of service may sometimes ask their loved ones for favours or errands, not because it is simpler, but because they require confirmation of the other person’s love.

If you feel unwanted or insignificant, if someone fails to keep a commitment, or if someone fails to perform what you requested, you need acts of service.

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are linguistic cues for people to demonstrate their love and care for someone. Affirmation words may also be praise and reassurance that reinforce inner love in an outward form.

People who require words of affirmation need to hear from the people they love on a regular basis, and they need to hear what the other person is thinking aloud in order to feel loved.

If you find yourself always wanting to hear from a loved one to obtain reassurance, you need words of affirmation. People seeking words of affirmation may also seek praise since this is how they feel most appreciated.

People often have one primary love language and one secondary love language. It is critical to understand them so that you can ask for what you want and show your partners, friends, and coworkers gratitude in the manner in which they like to be shown.

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