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A Bad Case of Stripes PDF
A Bad Case of Stripes PDF
No. Of Pages: 32
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Language: English
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A Bad Case of Stripes is a children’s book written and drawn by David Shannon that was released by Blue Sky Press, a branch of Scholastic Press, in 1998. A Bad Case of Stripes focuses on the concept of being true to oneself and is often used by educators to instil vital qualities in young kids. Despite some criticism, this children’s book is commended for its originality, pictures, and valuable messages.

A Synopsis of the Plot

Camilla Cream, the main character, is a girl who secretly likes lima beans. Camilla, on the other hand, refuses to eat them since her pals despise them and she wants to be exactly like them.

She wakes up one day with broad, solid-colored stripes all over her body. Dr. Bumble, the family’s physician, decides that Camilla is healthy enough to attend school. When she does, most of the other kids taunt her, and some of them yell out colours and patterns, which cause the colours on her skin to change. Because the instructors are concerned that her illness may be infectious, the principal sends her home.

Camilla undergoes a series of more absurd transformations at home. After being administered medication, she transforms into a pill and sprouts roots, fruit, crystals, feathers, and a long hairy tail. She even develops virus, bacterium, and fungus colonies on her body when the community’s professional scientists debate with her as a probable reason for her condition while inspecting her. Finally, when an environmental therapist instructs her to “become one with the room,” she melts and merges into it.

Finally, an elderly woman advises her to have some lima beans. At first, she is reluctant to reveal her desire to eat them, but after understanding that this may be her last chance of getting healed, she enables the old lady to feed her. Camilla has successfully converted to human and continues to eat lima beans; while her pals think she’s odd for liking them (and for her bow being covered in stripes), she doesn’t care. She appreciates being unique and will never have stripes again.

A Bad Case of Stripes PDF Download

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