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Ahmaud Arbery Autopsy Report PDF
Ahmaud Arbery Autopsy Report PDF
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Source: Division of Forensic Sciences Georgia Bureau of Investigation State of Georgia
Ahmaud Arbery Autopsy Report PDF

The autopsy results, which also revealed that Mr. Arbery had no drugs or alcohol in his system, came as campaigners reiterated their criticism of the authorities’ handling of the death inquiry.

ATLANTA— According to an autopsy report revealed Tuesday, Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old unarmed African-American man who was trailed by two white men and fatally shot in Glynn County, Ga., in February, was shot twice in the chest and had a third wound on his wrist.

The report was released amid growing concern that Mr. Arbery’s case was mishandled from the start, by both police and prosecutors, and as the state’s attorney general asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate whether the first two district attorneys involved in the case committed prosecutorial misconduct “or other crimes.”

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has also said that he would undertake an investigation into the players involved and has requested that the Department of Justice do the same.

Mr. Carr nominated Joyette M. Holmes, the district attorney in Cobb County, an Atlanta suburb, to handle the case on Monday. She is the fourth prosecutor assigned to the case, which has been passed around between district attorneys and law enforcement organisations.

Ahmaud Arbery Autopsy Report PDF
Ahmaud Arbery Autopsy Report PDF

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation took over the investigation last week, and within 36 hours, Mr. Arbery’s assailants were arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault in connection with his death, which sparked national outrage and widespread protest after a roughly half-minute video of the incident was released.

Mr. Arbery is seen jogging down a shaded two-lane residential road in the footage, which was shot from inside a car, when he comes across a white truck.

Travis McMichael, 34, one of the men accused of his murder, can be seen standing behind the open driver’s-side door, loaded with a shotgun. Gregory McMichael, his father, stood in the truck bed, a revolver in his right hand. Mr. Arbery dashes around the vehicle, temporarily disappearing from view. Mr. Arbery appears, tussling with Travis McMichael outside the vehicle as three shotgun rounds resound.

In a police complaint, he said that he believed Mr. Arbery was the culprit in a spate of break-ins in the vicinity. Mr. McMichael said that he observed Mr. Arbery fleeing through the neighbourhood and started following him with his son.

The arrest warrant for the older Mr. McMichael, also issued this week by the G.B.I., claims that he “aided and abetted” his son in killing shooting Mr. Arbery.

The method of death was murder, according to the autopsy. It was also discovered that he did not have any drugs or alcohol in his system.

The Glynn County Police Department initiated the inquiry, which has been plagued in recent years by controversy and a history of what the county manager described last year as “a culture of cronyism.” Gregory McMichael served as an officer on the Glynn County police force for seven years in the 1980s before becoming an investigator in the district attorney’s office in the county capital of Brunswick.

The matter was first taken up by Jackie Johnson, the district attorney in Brunswick. Because of her link to Gregory McMichael, she recused herself four days after the incident. The case was subsequently assigned to George E. Barnhill, the district attorney in neighbouring Waycross, Ga., who finally recused himself in April due to his son’s employment in Ms. Johnson’s office.

Blair L. McGowan, the state’s deputy attorney general, said in a letter to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Monday that Mr. Carr’s office was concerned that the offices of the two prosecutors may have “misrepresented or failed to disclose information during the process of appointing a conflict prosecutor” in the case.

The deputy attorney general noted the Georgia legislation for “unprofessional behaviour,” which is a misdemeanour, and said that this “or additional offences” may have happened.

The letter also said that Mr. Barnhill discovered shortly after taking on the case that his son, a deputy district attorney in the Brunswick office, had previously prosecuted Mr. Arbery alongside Mr. McMichael, but “hung onto the case for many more weeks after making the discovery.”

Mr. Barnhill was also informing local police that there was insufficient probable cause to arrest anybody in the case at the time.

Furthermore, the letter claims that Mr. Barnhill began counselling police on the investigation on Feb. 24, the day following the shooting, despite the fact that he was not designated to take over the case until Feb. 27, a fact that was “unknown and unreported to the attorney general.”

Mr. Barnhill was unavailable for comment on Tuesday. In a statement, Ms. Johnson said that “any review would eventually establish that our office behaved correctly.”

Activists and legislators reiterated their complaints about the two prosecutors during a press conference in Brunswick on Tuesday, demanding that they be removed from office and maybe punished for obstruction of justice.

They also mentioned a number of policy proposals, such as renaming upcoming hate crime legislation after Mr. Arbery, repealing the state’s citizen’s arrest statute, and reconsidering open carry regulations.

“That day is simply a day in a long series of crimes,” said State Representative James Beverly of Mr. Arbery’s killing, adding that it fit within a lengthy history of violence against African-Americans.

Let us be clear,” he said, “enough is enough, and today marks the beginning of a new beginning.”

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Ahmaud Arbery Autopsy Report PDF Download

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