[PDF] All Quiet on the Western Front PDF (ERICH MARIA REMARQUE)

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All Quiet on the Western Front PDF
All Quiet on the Western Front PDF
No. Of Pages: 140
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Language: English
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All Quiet on the Western Front Summary

All Quiet on the Western Front depicts the storey of a group of young Germans who join the army during World War I after being inspired by patriotic and honourable slogans. Paul Baumer, the protagonist, is 20 years old when the storey begins. The young soldiers quickly discover that the idealised depiction of war they were told about is nothing like the battlegrounds they see. The storey begins with the group having just been relieved of their front-line duty. One of Paul’s classmates, Kemmerich, has had his thigh amputated due to a wound, and several of the troops go to see him at St. Joseph’s hospital. They rapidly recognise that Kemmerich would die there, so another soldier, Müller, asks Kemmerich for his boots, an uncomfortable but unavoidably obvious request. Paul returns to Kemmerich alone, and Kemmerich dies during this visit; Paul cries out for aid, and a doctor assigns him to an orderly. However, no one offers assistance since the staff is preoccupied with preparing the soon-to-be-vacant bed for a new patient. Kemmerich was the 17th soldier killed on that day, and his body was taken shortly.

All Quiet on the Western Front PDF
All Quiet on the Western Front PDF

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