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All Quiet on the Western Front PDF
All Quiet on the Western Front PDF
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As a World War I soldier, Erich Maria Remarque wrote the novel All Quiet on the Western Front (German: Im Westernen nichts Neues; lit. “In the West Nothing New”). Many of the German troops who returned from the battlefield felt a sense of alienation from their families and communities upon their return.

First published in the German newspaper Vossische Zeitung in November and December of 1928, the novel was released as a book in late January of 1929. Among the publications that were banned and destroyed in Nazi Germany was The Road Back (1930). After only 18 months of publication, 2.5 million copies of All Quiet on the Western Front have been sold worldwide in 22 languages. 

Lewis Milestone directed the Academy Award-winning film adaptation of the novel in 1930. Richard Thomas and Ernest Borgnine starred in Delbert Mann’s 1979 television film adaptation of the novel.

All Quiet on the Western Front PDF
All Quiet on the Western Front PDF

All Quiet on the Western Front PDF Summary

The narrative is about a group of young Germans who join the army during World War I after being swayed by patriotic and honourable ideals. Paul Baumer, the protagonist, is 20 years old and narrates the storey. The young soldiers quickly discover that the idyllic war they had been taught about is nothing like what they find on the front lines. The troops are introduced in the novel’s opening pages after recently being freed from their duties on the front lines. To see Kemmerich in St. Joseph’s Hospital is to see one of Paul’s classmates who lost a leg due to a gunshot wound. There is a moment of discomfort and rationality as they understand that Kemmerich would die in that spot. One of the soldiers then asks Kemmerich for his footwear. This time, Paul sees Kemmerich alone, and Kemmerich dies; Paul shouts out for assistance, and a doctor assigns him to an orderly. Despite this, no one offers assistance, as the staff is more preoccupied with prepping the bed for the next patient. After Kemmerich’s death, the body of the 17th soldier to be killed that day was promptly taken from the battlefield.

His buddies, hungry and exhausted, are overjoyed when Katczinsky (“Kat”) returns with a bag of horsemeat and two loaves of bread. Paul notes that Kat has always had a knack for coming up with creative solutions to problems. Drill sergeant Himmelstos, a former postman with whom Paul and his pals regularly argue, is another character introduced by Paul’s character development. Their regiment is recalled to active duty after a brief respite from combat. A barrage of bursting shells keeps them awake at night. At dawn, they hear noises that suggest an upcoming attack is imminent. Between explosions, the screams of injured horses break the stillness, and the horrific sight of them horrifies everyone there. Immediately following, an attack is launched, resulting in mayhem. The gang is attacked with poison gas and shells. Whatever remains after the combat has ended is truly horrific. As the storey progresses, the trenches are repeatedly shelled, forcing the soldiers to take time off while they wait for reinforcements. As a newly arrived soldier in the trenches, he tries to get along better with the rest of his comrades. Paul and some of his pals are swimming in a canal when they come across three French females. They go out at night to meet them. After that, Paul receives word that he’s been allowed 17 days of unpaid time off. He discovers that his mother has cancer when he returns home. He has lost touch with individuals he used to be close to and finds it difficult to grasp what is going on in their heads. At Kemmerich’s home, he meets with his mother, who confronts him with her son’s death details. With his mother’s help, Paul realises that his life has changed too much for him to continue living the way he did before he went on leave.

Prior to returning to the front lines, Paul spends four weeks in a training camp in the mountains. Paul sees a Russian prisoner camp across the street from the base and is struck by how similar his opponents’ appearances are to those of his neighbours. Eventually, he makes his way back to his unit. It’s hinted that the German ruler, William II, known as the Kaiser, would be making an inspection, so he and his cronies are given new clothes. After the Kaiser departs, Paul becomes disoriented and stabs a fallen French soldier while sheltering in a shell hole during a bombardment. He watches as the guy dies, anxiously attempting to aid him by providing him with water and bandaging the wound he had caused on himself. Paul becomes insane with shame after the man’s death. He discovers a photo of the man’s wife and kid, as well as correspondence, in his breast pocket. In order to return to his regiment’s trench, he waits for hours in the hole with the deceased soldier.

They’re deployed to watch over an entire hamlet when Paul gets back with Kat and six other people, and they’re given plenty of food. Afterwards, they’re dispatched to a different community to assist in the evacuation of residents. While trying to flee, the French bombed the town, injuring both Paul and his companion, Albert Kropp. Albert’s leg was amputated. Paul has surgery and returns to the front lines after recuperation time. One by one, Paul’s pals are dying. Paul brings Kat to the dressing station after he gets hit while looking for food. Paul is worried that he won’t have enough time to wait. Kat had already passed away by the time they arrived. Paul is the last of his seven students to leave the building. After that, the storey no longer takes place from Paul’s point of view, and it concludes with the news that Paul has died. On the day of his death, an army report said merely that the Western Front was calm.

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