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And Then There Were None PDF
And Then There Were None PDF
No. Of Pages: 259
PDF Size: 395 KB
Language: English
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First, there were ten: a weird collection of strangers invited as weekend visitors to a small private island off the coast of Devon. Their host, an eccentric billionaire whom none of them had met, was nowhere to be found. All the visitors have in common is a heinous history that they refuse to reveal—and a secret that will cement their destiny. Because everyone has been designated for death. Every room in the home has a framed and hanging version of a well-known nursery rhyme:

One choked himself, and the remaining nine died.nine small boys who sat up quite late; one overslept himself, and the other eight were There were eight tiny lads journeying in Devon; one declared he’d remain, and there were seven. One of the seven small boys was cutting up sticks; one cut himself in half, and there were six more. Six tiny boys were playing with a hive; one was stung by a bumblebee, and then there were five. Five young men were admitted to the bar; one was admitted to Chancery, and the other four were admitted to the Bar. One of the four tiny boys heading out to sea was devoured by a red herring, and then there were three. Three tiny boys were wandering through the zoo; one was cuddled by a large bear, and the other two were alone. There were two tiny boys sitting in the sun, one of whom became frizzled and the other of whom did not. One small child was left alone; he walked out and hung himself, and there were no more. “

And Then There Were None PDF Download
And Then There Were None PDF Download

Terror grows as they discover killings are taking place in the manner depicted in the poem. They succumb one by one.There will be none by the end of the weekend. Who orchestrated this heinous scheme? And who will be left to recount the events? Only the dead are immune to scrutiny.

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