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Animal Farm PDF
Animal Farm PDF
No. Of Pages: 48
PDF Size: 580 KB
Language: English
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Author: George Orwell

The animals on a farm take control because they are overworked and abused. They set out to construct an utopia of development, justice, and equality, with fiery ideals and exciting slogans. As a result, the scene is set for one of the most revealing satiric tales ever written—a razor-edged fairy tale for adults that chronicles the passage from revolt against tyranny to totalitarianism just as dreadful.

George Orwell’s satirical allegorical novella “Animal Farm” was originally published in England on August 17, 1945. The narrative follows a group of farm animals that revolt against their human farmer in the hopes of creating a society in which the animals may be equal, free, and joyful. Ultimately, the revolt is crushed, and the farm reverts to its previous status under the rule of a pig called Napoleon.

The storey, according to Orwell, mirrors events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and later into the Soviet Union’s Stalinist period. Orwell, a democratic socialist, was a critic of Joseph Stalin and an outspoken opponent of Moscow-directed Stalinism, a stance moulded in large part by his experiences during the May Days confrontations between the POUM and Stalinist forces during the Spanish Civil War. The Soviet Union had devolved into a totalitarian dictatorship based on a cult of personality, indulging in mass imprisonment, secret summary trials, and executions. Orwell described Animal Farm in a letter to Yvonne Davet as a satirical tale against Stalin (“un conte satirique contre Staline”), and in his essay “Why I Write” (1946), he wrote that Animal Farm was the first book in which he tried, with full awareness of what he was doing, “to fuse political purpose and artistic purpose into one whole.”

When Animal Farm was initially published, it was thought to be aimed against Stalinist Russia. Today, it is devastatingly evident that everywhere and whenever freedom is assaulted, under whatever name, George Orwell’s masterwork has a meaning and message that is still savagely new.


The animal population at the poorly-run Manor Farm in Willingdon, England, is ready for revolt as a result of neglect at the hands of the reckless and drunken farmer, Mr. Jones. Old Major, the exalted boar, conducts a meeting one night, calling for the downfall of humans and teaching the animals a revolutionary song called “Beasts of England.” When Old Major dies, two young pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, take over and conduct a revolution, forcing Mr. Jones to flee the estate and renaming it “Animal Farm.”

They follow the Seven Animalism Commandments, the most significant of which is “All creatures are equal.” On one side of the barn, the decree is painted in huge characters. While Snowball teaches the animals to read and write, Napoleon teaches newborn pups animalism ideas. Snowball raises a green flag with a white foot and horn to celebrate the beginning of Animal Farm.

The farm is running well, and there is enough food. The pigs rise to positions of authority and put aside particular food items, presumably for their own health. Following an attempted takeover of the property by Mr. Jones and his accomplices (later termed the “Battle of the Cowshed”), Snowball reveals his intentions to modernise the farm by constructing a windmill. Napoleon contests this notion, and things escalate to the point that Napoleon’s dogs chase Snowball away and Napoleon declares himself supreme leader.

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