[PDF] As I Lay Dying PDF (William Faulkner)

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As I Lay Dying PDF
As I Lay Dying PDF
No. Of Pages: 159
PDF Size: 661 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: William Faulkner

As I Lay Dying Summary

Addie Bundren, the matriarch of a poor southern family and the wife of Anse Bundren, is gravely sick and expected to die shortly. Cash, Addie’s oldest son, devotes all of his carpentry abilities to constructing her coffin, which he constructs directly in front of her bedroom window. Despite the fact that Addie’s health is fast deteriorating, two of her other sons, Darl and Jewel, leave town to make a delivery for the Bundrens’ next-door neighbour, Vernon Tull, who has been caring for Addie with the help of his wife and two daughters. Addie passes away shortly after Darl and Jewel leave. Vardaman, the youngest Bundren kid, connects his mother’s death to a fish he had caught and cleaned earlier that day. Cash finishes the casket with some aid just before sunrise. Vardaman is upset by the fact that his mother is nailed within a box, so he bores holes in the lid, two of which pierce through his mother’s face, while the others sleep. Dewey Dell, Addie and Anse’s daughter, is so preoccupied with her illness that she scarcely mourns her mother’s death. Dewey Dell’s recent sexual liaisons with a local farmhand named Lafe have left her pregnant. The women sing songs inside the Bundren house as the men stand outside on the porch talking to each other during the funeral ceremony the next day.

As I Lay Dying PDF
As I Lay Dying PDF

Darl, who narrates much of the first half, returns a few days later with Jewel, and the appearance of buzzards over their house informs them that their mother has died. After viewing this notice, Darl sarcastically informs Jewel, who is widely seen as ungrateful and heartless, that his favourite horse is not dead. Although burying Addie in Jefferson is significantly more complex than burying her at home, Anse’s feelings of responsibility, along with his desire to acquire a set of artificial teeth, lead him to execute Addie’s final wish. Cash, who had injured his leg at work, assists the family in lifting the uneven coffin, but it is Jewel who manhandles it into the waggon practically single-handedly. Jewel, on the other hand, refuses to go in the waggon and instead follows the rest of the family on his horse, which he purchased when he was young by working nights on a neighbor’s farm.

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