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Attitude Is Everything PDF
Attitude Is Everything PDF
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Language: English
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Keith Harrell is a celebrity in the field of motivational speakers. It was noticed by the Wall Street Journal, which dubbed him “A Star with Attitude.” Clients like IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Motorola, General Motors, Marriott Hotels Corporation, Boeing, and AT & T are aware of it, which is why Keith is one of the most in-demand speakers on the circuit. And as you read this book, you will realise it as well. Keith’s celebrity is undeniable. In Mindset Is Everything, he discusses the secrets that brought him to where he is now, as well as a method for cultivating a better, happier attitude.

In Attitude Is Everything, Keith gives an illuminating, motivating, and practical guide to seizing control of your work and life by letting go of negative attitudinal baggage, developing good attitudes, and then translating them into actions to help you achieve your goals.

Attitude Is Everything PDF
Attitude Is Everything PDF

In the business arena, networking has the following benefits:

• generates new clients or business leads

• increases employment opportunities

• helps in finding the right people to fill critical positions

• provides valuable information and resources

• assists in solving problems

In the personal realm, here’s what networking can do for you:

• enhance your social relationships by introducing you to new friends

• help you to become acquainted with people of varying ethnic, cultural and philosophical backgrounds

• provide valuable information and resources

• contribute to your spiritual growth

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