[PDF] Ayurvedic Cleanse PDF Download

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Ayurvedic Cleanse PDF Download
Ayurvedic Cleanse PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 20
PDF Size: 2.63 MB
Language: English
Category: Health and Fitness
Author: Premal patel
Source: Multiple source
Ayurvedic Cleanse PDF Download

Summary of Ayurvedic Cleanse PDF Download

Imagine a day in the life of your kitchen sink. Faithfully,
on a daily basis, it drains away your wastewater and
leftovers. Now imagine what would start happening if
the pipes were blocked and the water wasn’t flowing.
Can you see the sludge building up from the vegetable
rinds, the uneaten toast, the kids’ cereal, and the oil
from yesterday’s cookout? Can you smell the rotten
stagnation and toxicity if all this just sat there for three
months? Are you disgusted yet? Then you see the
need for an Ayurvedic cleanse.
This booklet describes the principles behind an
Ayurvedic cleanse, and gives you practical tips for
scrubbing away the sludge. Ayurvedic teachers weigh
in on the why’s and wherefore’s, and we even offer
some tasty recipes to promote clear-flowing energy

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