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Biblical Eldership PDF Download
Biblical Eldership PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 49
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Language: English
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Author: Unknown
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Biblical Eldership PDF Download

Summary of Biblical Eldership PDF Download

While attending a sacred music concert, I received an insightful
lesson in ecclesiology.1 As I walked into the main foyer of the
church where the concert was being held, I immediately noticed
the photographs and names of the senior pastor and his staff
arranged in a pyramid within a glass encasement. The senior
pastor’s photograph was at the top, his three associate pastor’s
photographs were below, and the rest of the church staff’s photographs completed the base of the pyramid. As I walked further
into the building and down a side hall, I saw another glass
encasement that contained the photographs and names of the
church elders. I immediately thought, What a superb illustration
of how the church elders have been pushed aside to a scarcely visible
position in the church! This is quite different from the New
Testament model of eldership.

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