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Blood on the River PDF
Blood on the River PDF
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Author: James Town

The Founding of Jamestown Colony

Can you imagine leaving your home and travelling across the ocean to a previously unknown ‘new world’? This is exactly what happened to 11-year-old orphan Samuel Collier in Elisa Carbone’s 2006 novel Blood on the River: James Town, 1607. The author tells the narrative from Samuel’s point of view, introducing readers to well-known historical individuals like John Smith, Chief Powhatan, and his daughter, Pocahontas. The storey follows the formative years of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia from 1607 to 1610, as seen through the eyes of young Samuel, through starvation, war, mutiny, and other hardships.

London, England

Blood on the River begins in 1606 in London, England. Following his mother’s death, Samuel ends up in the Reverend Hunt’s orphanage. The Reverend selects Samuel for an important mission for the Virginia Company, a commercial organisation looking for wealth and opportunities in the new globe. The corporation signs seven-year contracts with gentlemen officers and ordinary labourers. The Reverend Hunt is a missionary who hopes to promote sacred Christian principles.

Captain John Smith appoints Samuel to the role of page or servant. Smith is a former criminal who has joined the expedition in the hopes of establishing a fresh life in the new world. Captain Smith is uniquely able to appeal to the colonists as a political ally since he bridges both the gentleman and commoner classes, but the officers see Smith as a liar and a traitor. Smith is chained multiple times and taken to the gallows several times. Samuel, Hunt, and Smith board the flag ship Susan Constant and set sail towards the Atlantic with the Godspeed and the Discovery.

Samuel forges below deck connections and grievances with his fellow pageboys, Richard, James, George, and Nathaniel, throughout the lengthy trip across the Atlantic. Sir Wingfield, a high-ranking officer in the Virginia Company, Newport, the one-armed captain of the Susan Constant, Gosnold, captain of the Godspeed, and Ratcliffe, captain of the Discovery are among the main officers.

Land, Ho!

The voyagers ultimately made landfall in Virginia on April 26, 1607. In May, the building of the Jamestown colony began. Wingfield was elected as Jamestown’s first president. Colonists travel to Virginia in pursuit of gold and silver, but they invariably return empty-handed. Captain Newport and his men returned to England in June, vowing to return later that fall with additional food.

Blood on the River PDF
Blood on the River PDF

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