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Book of Enoch PDF
Book of Enoch PDF
No. Of Pages: 129
PDF Size: 1.81 MB
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The sole full version of the First Book of Enoch, often known as the Ethiopic Book of Enoch, is an Ethiopic translation of an earlier Greek translation created in Palestine from the original Hebrew or Aramaic.

The biblical patriarch Enoch was the subject of several apocryphal works, particularly during the Hellenistic era of Jewish literature (3rd century BC to 3rd century AD). He was first venerated primarily for his piety, but he was eventually regarded as a source of divine wisdom. According to the Babylonian myth of the 7th antediluvian monarch, Enmenduranna (who was related to the sun deity and received supernatural insights), Enoch is depicted as a visionary. Babylonian mythology is reflected in the narrative of Enoch.

Book of Enoch PDF
Book of Enoch PDF

The majority of the texts that make up I Enoch are doomsday prophecies. The “Apocalypse of Weeks,” written soon before the Maccabean rebellion against the Seleucids in 167 BC, is its earliest part. Astronomical and cosmological theories are difficult to date in other areas. Due to the Essene community’s beliefs on messianism, celibacy, and death, elements of I Enoch may have come from or been inspired by Qumran. In the Qumrn manuscripts, however, no portions of the longest section of the text (chapters 37–71) were recovered. Researchers believe this portion was composed in the 2nd century AD by a Jewish Christian who wanted to give his own eschatological theories the authority of Enoch, and he added it to four other apocryphal Enoch works that were already in existence.

Early Christians embraced Enoch, but the biblical canon eventually rejected him. One reason it has survived for so long is because of the unique syncretic combination of Iranian, Greek, Chaldean, and Egyptian influences that attracted heretical Christian sects like the Manichaeans.


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