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Book of Jubilees PDF
Book of Jubilees PDF
No. Of Pages: 92
PDF Size: 9.31 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: pseudepigraphal work

Book of Jubilees Summary

The Book of Jubilees, also known as the Little Genesis, is a pseudepigraphal work (not included in any canon of scripture) best known for its chronological schema, in which events described in Genesis 1 through Exodus 12 are dated by jubilees of 49 years, each of which is made up of seven cycles of seven years. The establishment of a jubilee calendar was designed to secure the observance of Jewish religious festivals and holy days on the correct dates as well as underline the Old Testament idea of Israel as God’s covenant community by separating Jews from their Gentile neighbours.

In addition to summarising and embellishing Genesis, the Jubilees tell anecdotes about the origins of modern Jewish laws and practises. The Mosaic Law and many of the legal precepts in Leviticus are given an older (and so more sacred) origin by claiming that the patriarchs in Genesis followed regulations and festivals that did not exist at the time of the patriarchs.

The final version of Jubilees was most likely composed about 100 BC, while it reflects far older legendary traditions. Its isolationist religious ethos and strictness prompted the Essene sect of Jews in Qumrn, Palestine, to extensively quote from it in the Damascus Document, one of their key writings. The Jubilees are also linked to the Genesis Apocryphon, which mirrors Genesis and was popular among the Qumrn people. The Qumrn library had some portions of the ancient Hebrew version of Jubilees.

Only an Ethiopic version of Jubilees survives in its entirety, taken from a Greek translation of the Hebrew. There are also fragments of Greek and Hebrew literature.

Book of Jubilees PDF
Book of Jubilees PDF

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