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Bud Not Buddy Free PDF
Bud Not Buddy Free PDF
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Bud Not Buddy Free Summary

Bud, Not Buddy is the narrative of a young black boy’s search for his absent father. Bud flees from a harsh existence in Flint to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to find his father, using clues from the few items he carries that belonged to his mother.

Bud initially appears in the film as a ten-year-old living in an orphanage in Flint, Michigan, in the 1930s. Bud was six years old when he was transferred to the home after discovering his mother dead on the floor of her bedroom.

Here we go again, “he says at the start of his narrative.” Bud’s caseworker contacts him by name on this day and informs him that he has been allocated to a new foster family. This would be his third foster family since coming to the home.

Bud takes his prized bag from under his bed as he prepares to leave the house. He examines the well-worn blue flyer inside, which features a fuzzy image of the man he believes to be his father, Herman E. Calloway. He tucks the flier back into the suitcase’s bottom. He shares his room with Jerry, a six-year-old kid who has been transferred to a different foster family. While they wait, he consoles a sobbing Jerry, who has never been to a foster home.

The next thing we know, Bud is being tormented by Todd Amos, the twelve-year-old son of Bud’s newest foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos. Todd, who began the fight, tells his mother that Bud is to blame. Mrs. Amos confines Bud to his room. Mr. Amos enters with a black strap, but when Bud apologises profusely for escaping a strap, Mr. Amos informs Bud that he will be spending the night in a closed shed.

Bud escapes via a window after a terrifying few hours of sharing the shed with a nest of aggressive hornets. Bud slips via the back entrance of the Amoses, plotting his vengeance. Bud sneaks upstairs after concealing the Amoses’ shotgun so they can’t use it against him. He throws warm water over a sleeping Todd, who wets his trousers as a result. Bud then grabs his luggage and flees “on the lam.”

Bud comes to the library intending to spend the night there, but when he discovers that the basement windows are locked, he falls asleep beneath the big Christmas-like trees that border the library wall. But first, he double-checks that his possessions are securely packed in his suitcase.

Bud is too late in the morning to join the mission food line, but a family calling him Clarence pretends to be his family so he may be fed. He joins them for breakfast before returning to the library. Bud is dismayed to learn that Miss Hill, the librarian he is certain will assist him, is now married and residing in Chicago. After examining some maps and distances to Chicago, Bud falls asleep outside beneath his usual tree, pondering how he may get there.

Bud awakens to find himself staring at the face of Bugs, his childhood best friend.Bud decides to accompany Bugs to Hooperville to catch a train and “ride the rails.” The lads travel to Hooperville, which is actually the Flint version of Hooverville, which are tent villages that have sprouted up around the country. The guys share food with other homeless people and help with dishwashing. Bud encounters Deza Malone, who informs him that he “carries his family inside him.” She kisses Bud and assures him she will remember this night forever. Bud inspects the contents of his bag before going to bed, including a pouch containing five pebbles that had been in Momma’s drawer. Each of the five has writing on it. “Flint m. 8.11.11,” one says.

Bud Not Buddy Free PDF
Bud Not Buddy Free PDF

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