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Can You Say Hero PDF
Can You Say Hero PDF
No. Of Pages: 25
PDF Size: 679 KB
Language: English
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Once upon a time, a little child named Old Rabbit adored his stuffed rabbit. It was so old, in fact, that it was an unstuffed animal; so old that even back then, when the little boy’s brain was still nice and fresh, he had no memory of it as “Young Rabbit” or even “Rabbit”; so old that Old Rabbit was barely a rabbit at all, but rather a greasy hunk of skin without eyes and ears, with a single red stitch where its tongue used to be. The small kid had no idea why he liked Old Rabbit; he simply did, and the night he flung it out the vehicle window was the night he began to pray. This small child would grow up to be a great prayer, but only intermittently, only when fear and desperation forced him to it, and the night he flung Old Rabbit into the darkness was the night that established the pattern, the night that taught him how. He begged for Old Rabbit’s safe return, and when his mother and father returned home hours later with the dirty, priceless strip of rabbity roadkill, he learned not only that prayers are occasionally answered, but also the type of tremendous effort they involve, the kind of never-ending frantic summoning. So the next time he flung Old Rabbit out the vehicle window, it was gone for good.

Can You Say Hero PDF
Can You Say Hero PDF

YOU WERE A CHILD ONCE, TOO. That’s what Mister Rogers said, and it’s what he wrote down for the physicians once upon a time. The specialists were ophthalmologists. An ophthalmologist is a doctor who specialises in eye care. When ophthalmologists have to care for the eyes of children, some of them get quite anxious. This is because children know that when their eyes shut, their world vanishes, and they may be worried that the ophthalmologists will make their eyes close forever. Because the ophthalmologists did not want to scare children, they approached Mister Rogers for assistance, and Mister Rogers agreed to write a chapter for a book the ophthalmologists were putting together—a chapter about what other ophthalmologists could do to calm the children who came to their offices. However, since Mister Rogers is such a busy guy, he was unable to write the chapter personally and instead requested a lady who works for him to do it. She worked very hard on the chapter until one day she gave it to Mister Rogers, who read it, crossed everything out, and wrote a statement directed straight to the physicians who would be reading it: “You, too, were a kid once.”


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