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Crime Junkie If I Go Missing Pdf
Crime Junkie If I Go Missing Pdf
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Crime Junkie If I Go Missing Pdf
Crime Junkie If I Go Missing Pdf

Charlotte, North Carolina (WTVD) – Charlotte, North CarolinaThe North Carolina Center for Missing Persons receives over 10,000 missing person reports each year.

Some ended tragically, while others remain a mystery to this day.

The looming worry of going missing and never being discovered, or being found too late, has created a nationwide trend: the “If I Go Missing” folder.

It’s a dossier containing all of the information that detectives would need to locate you. From passwords and logins to fingerprints and dental records, everything is on the table.

“You have to be realistic,” Megan Parker, who made her folder this year, said. “Things happen in this world, and people aren’t always decent people.”

She proudly displayed the pages, saying, “I did all of my fingerprints.” “My bank account logins, as well as my mobile phone pin.”

The “If I Go Missing” folder has become increasingly popular, thanks to the hit true-crime podcast “Crime Junkie.”

Ashley Flowers, the show’s host, urged listeners to make their own as a safety net, and they did so in droves.

“I want my family to know who’s been contacting me, what he’s been messaging me, and where I’ve been,” Parker said.

Briana Spence has just begun her folder as well.

“Police can’t just get into people’s bank accounts or information for legal reasons,” Spence explained, “particularly if it’s a holiday or weekend and those routes are closed down.” However, you have a folder on which you could act immediately rather than a few days or perhaps a week later.

While having such sensitive material in one location raises security issues, police told NBC Charlotte that such a folder may be quite useful.

“You want to put as many safeguards in place as possible in case you vanish, are abducted, or anything horrible occurs,” said Tony Underwood, of the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

“Having one centralised place eliminates the need for search warrants, court orders, and attempting to identify someone who can grant lawful approval to access this information.”

Consider the instance of Kelsey Smith, an 18-year-old girl who was abducted in 2007.

Investigators had to wait four days to get access to her phone, including its position.

She’d been slain by that point.

Her parents are now pushing for the Kelsey Smith Act, which would allow police to get phone information without a warrant in life-or-death circumstances.

Kelsey’s father, Greg Smith, stated, “You expect that law enforcement can accomplish something because all the crime dramas make it look like all that stuff occurs.”

But, to be honest, it’s not simple for investigators.

In North Carolina, the Kelsey Smith Act is stuck in committee. At the moment, it might take days for police to even begin looking for a missing individual.

“There’s a system, and there’s a reason for it,” Parker explained, “but it’s important to have something like this in an emergency.” “I don’t want to have any problems obtaining a court order for my phone records or gaining access to my bank account.”

According to Underwood, if you have or create a file, put it in a secure location that only a few trusted individuals may access.

“You might be a victim of identity theft if that information is lost, misplaced, or falls into the wrong hands,” he warned. “I’m not sure I’d keep it on an electronic gadget.” Keep it safe in a safe deposit box at a bank or somewhere similar, with just a few trusted people having access. “

Those who have their files, on the other hand, think it is reassuring.

“Of course, there are risks to putting all of your information down on paper,” Parker added, “but I believe having the safety net is worth it.”

Here are some things you can include in your folder:

  • Social media passwords
  • Banking info
  • Dental records
  • Copy of drivers license
  • Cell phone provider login
  • Fitbit/Apple Watch/tracking device passwords
  • Photos of identifying scars/tattoos
  • Clear unedited makeup-less/natural photo of your face
  • Photos of jewelry you wear often
  • Places you frequent
  • Handwriting samples
  • Fingerprints
  • Vehicle information (VIN, license plate, etc)
  • Photo of actual vehicle
  • Your typical daily route
  • Cell phone & laptop serial numbers
  • Contact info for your closest friends


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