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Cyberpunk 2020 Books Pdf
Cyberpunk 2020 Books Pdf
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Cyberpunk 2020 Books Pdf

Throughout my Cyberpunk 2020 gaming days, I heard the following from my players: the game was devastating, but it gave a slew of tools for conquering it and becoming very lethal. This was a hit with the players, and it was something that everyone could agree on.

As CP’s heap corporate scoundrels, nobody was playing a rocker or a columnist type hoping to authorise social change; instead, everyone was playing a performance, fixer, or netrunner looking for the big score, that one hit against The Man that would land them either retirement or enough capability to face a small armed force.

Cyberpunk 2020 Books Pdf

It was a stream fueled power fantasy for the majority of my players, and I was guilty of supporting it since I’d typically give them what they wanted, which was more massive weaponry and more massive miscreants to go head to head with in an ever-increasing weapons competition.

Today, I suppose I’d run CP in a different way… Despite the fact that I’d maintain it in my alt-form 2089 time and fundamentally modernise any old fashioned tech in the book, I’ve been thinking about it. To be honest, I really wish RTG had a means to accomplish this on their own….just do CP 2020 and make it… I’m not sure…

CP 2050 with an immaculate rewrite of the setting, despite everything, bringing out what it is yet with today’s sensitivities and innovation, as well as gratitude for how irritating an ASI based oddity checks out at that time. Sure, we have Eclipse Phase… It’s just not as entertaining to read.

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