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Deliberate Creation PDF Download
Deliberate Creation PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 64
PDF Size: 637 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Unknown
Source: Multiple source
Deliberate Creation PDF Download

Summary of Deliberate Creation PDF Download

It’s only a few days now before
Thanksgiving (Jerry’s favorite day of
celebration. He calls it the Day of
Appreciation). Today is a busy, but fun
day. Rudy, from our printing company
in San Antonio will stop by in a few
hours to pick up a CD containing
everything they will need to print this
Quarterly Journal and then I plan to
go to the grocery store to buy all of the
wonderful things we will prepare and
eat at our family Thanksgiving feast. I
know it’s weird, but sometimes I am
overwhelmed with appreciation as we
shop in our local grocery where we
find such incredible abundance of all
things wanted. The feeling usually
gets me most as I enter the produce
section seeing the displays of fresh and
beautiful fruits and vegetables. We do
live in a wonderful place.
It’s early in the morning, raining
hard, and the electricity provided by
the electric company is off. It’s been off
and on all weekend because of the
storms. I’m sitting in my beautiful
new office looking out of a wonderful
large window at a forest of big beautiful oak trees that are lighted up by the
lightening from the storm. I’ve never
seen them look this way before. We
say that often, here, as we see something from yet another perspective, a
different time of day, a different light,
a different vantage point, and always

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