[PDF] Dirty Wicked Prince PDF (EDEN O’NEILL)

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Dirty Wicked Prince PDF
Dirty Wicked Prince PDF
No. Of Pages: 306
PDF Size: 968 KB
Language: English
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He’s the elite’s dark prince.

I had the audacity of breathing his air.


The Legacy boys are Windsor Preparatory Academy’s most privileged. No one crosses the devil spawn of this town’s upper echelon, but I managed. I call one of them out my first day, and no one hears it louder than their blond prince.


Dorian Prinze is as ruthless as he is handsome, and once he has his eye on me, he will not let go. Apparently, I annoy him just by being at my new school, and no matter what I do, I can’t get off his and his sons’ radar. He claims I make too much noise and that I’m foolish for not caring. My brother and I were brought to this town by some very messed up circumstances, and I’m not going to bend down to these snobby jerks.

Going to battle with the harsh ruler of Maywood Heights may destroy both of our foundations, but I’m not going down without a fight. I’ll go to any length to win Dorian’s cunning and twisted games.

Even if he promises I’ll scream for him by the end.

Dirty Wicked Prince PDF
Dirty Wicked Prince PDF

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