[PDF] Discipleship Essentials Answers PDF Download

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Discipleship Essentials Answers PDF Download
Discipleship Essentials Answers PDF Download
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Author: Unknown
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Discipleship Essentials Answers PDF Download

Summary of Discipleship Essentials Answers PDF Download

Welcome to a relational discipleship journey that promises a time of accelerated spiritual growth.
This intimate, highly invested experience brings together three ingredients that the Holy Spirit
will use to form Christ in you: vulnerability, truth and accountability. Vulnerability happens when
you open your life in a self-revealing way to other believers, giving permission for the Spirit to
work in you. The more honest and transparent you are with others, the more you are entrusting
your life to the Lord. The truth of Scripture serves as the cutting edge for growth. Since the material in this study is laid out in a sequential and systematic way, you will enjoy seeing the truth
take shape before you eyes. Finally, accountability involves entering into a mutual covenant with
others in which you are giving each other authority to hold one another to your commitments.
The combination of these three elements serves as the mold that God uses to give his shape to
your life.
Making disciples is the theme of chapter one. Solid foundations will be laid in your life, and a
part of spiritual maturity is the desire to pass on that faith to others. May God so take hold of you
that you are equipped to invest in others and to make it a commitment for life.
Being a disciple (chapter two) is serious business. The only way to be molded into the person
God wants you to be is to abandon self in obedience to Christ

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