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Dr. Sebi Alkaline Food List PDF
Dr. Sebi Alkaline Food List PDF
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Dr. Sebi Alkaline Food List PDF

The late Dr. Sebi established the Dr. Sebi diet, also known as the Dr. Sebi alkaline diet, which is a plant-based diet.

It’s said to renew your cells by removing harmful waste from your blood by alkalizing it.

The diet necessitates the use of a limited number of permitted foods as well as several supplements.

The pros and drawbacks of the Dr. Sebi diet are discussed, as well as whether scientific evidence supports its health claims.


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VERDICT: The Dr. Sebi diet is a plant-based eating plan that promotes the use of branded supplements. It’s advised to avoid it since it’s incredibly restricted, pricey, and deficient in nutrients, not to mention that it promotes false health claims.

Dr. Sebi Alkaline Food List PDF
Dr. Sebi Alkaline Food List PDF

What is the Dr. Sebi diet?

This diet was created by self-educated herbalist Alfredo Darrington Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi, and is based on the African Bio-Mineral Balance philosophy. Dr. Sebi, despite his name, was neither a medical doctor nor a PhD holder.

He created this diet for anybody who wants to organically treat or prevent sickness while also improving their general health without depending on Western medicine.

According to Dr. Sebi, sickness is caused by a build-up of mucus in a certain location of the body. For example, pneumonia is caused by a build-up of mucus in the lungs, but diabetes is caused by excess mucus in the pancreas.

He claims that illnesses cannot survive in an alkaline environment and that they begin to manifest themselves when the body gets too acidic.

He claims to restore your body’s natural alkaline condition and cleanse your sick body by rigorously following his diet and utilising his patented expensive supplements.

Dr. Sebi originally claimed that this diet could treat diseases such as AIDS, sickle cell anaemia, leukaemia, and lupus. Following a lawsuit in 1993, he was ordered to stop making such assertions.

A precise list of vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, seeds, oils, and herbs are allowed in the diet. The Dr. Sebi diet is a vegan diet since animal products are not allowed.

According to Sebi, in order for your body to repair itself, you must stick to the diet for the rest of your life.

How to follow the Dr. Sebi diet

The rules of the Dr. Sebi diet are very strict and outlined on his website.

According to Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide, you must follow these key rules:

  • Rule 1. You must only eat foods listed in the nutritional guide.
  • Rule 2. Drink 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of water every day.
  • Rule 3. Take Dr. Sebi’s supplements an hour before medications.
  • Rule 4. No animal products are permitted.
  • Rule 5. No alcohol is allowed.
  • Rule 6. Avoid wheat products and only consume the “natural-growing grains” listed in the guide.
  • Rule 7. Avoid using a microwave to prevent killing your food.
  • Rule 8. Avoid canned or seedless fruits.

There aren’t any exact nutritional recommendations. However, since beans, lentils, and animal and soy products are not allowed, this diet is poor in protein. Protein is a vital nutrient for maintaining healthy muscles, skin, and joints.

You’ll also be asked to buy Dr. Sebi’s cell food supplements, which claim to cleanse your body and replenish your cells.

It is suggested that you get the “all-inclusive” package, which includes 20 different items that promise to cleanse and heal your whole body as quickly as possible.

Aside from that, there are no particular supplement suggestions. You’re required to purchase any vitamin that suits your health problems instead.

The “Bio Ferro” capsules, for example, promise to heal liver problems, cleanse your blood, enhance immunity, encourage weight reduction, help with digestion, and improve general well-being.

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