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Dynamic Gait Index PDF
Dynamic Gait Index PDF
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The DGI assesses the participant’s ability to maintain walking balance while reacting to varied task demands in diverse dynamic settings. It is a valuable test for those who have vestibular and balance issues. 96. Walking on level surfaces, changing speeds, head rotations in horizontal and vertical directions, walking and turning 180 degrees to halt, stepping over and around obstacles, and stair ascent and descent are among the eight elements covered. Each item is rated from 0 to 3, with 3 indicating normal performance and 0 indicating significant impairment. The DGI has a maximum potential score of 24. Several investigations into older individuals and other client demographics proved its good intrarater and interrater reliability. 97–99 A score of less than 19 suggests that you are in danger of falling.

The DGI is broken down into four components: walking on level surfaces, changing speeds, and head rotations in horizontal and vertical orientations.

100. Individuals with a balance deficit were recognised as having a score less than the maximum of 12 on the short form, and those with a score of less than 10 were in danger of falling.

Dynamic Gait Index PDF
Dynamic Gait Index PDF

The Modified Dynamic Gait Index (mDGI) builds on the original eight-item DGI to provide a broader range of potential results. It evaluates the degree of assistance (LOA), GP, and time for each of the eight tasks, in addition to DGI. 101. The exam also includes four environmental dimensions: temporal, postural, terrain, and density. The maximum potential mDGI score is 64 points, which is the sum of the test’s three components: 24 points for time, 16 points for LOA, and 24 points for GP. The mDGI, like the DGI, was tested on healthy older individuals as well as other client demographics.


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