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Eft for Codependency PDF Download
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Eft for Codependency PDF Download

Summary of Eft for Codependency PDF Download

There would be no book without the following: Gary Craig for giving the world EFT, Donna Eden for Energy
Medicine, and David Feinstein and Silvia Hartmann, and The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
(ACEP) for bringing Energy Psychology into the mainstream.
This book is dedicated with gratitude to my dad, a Vietnam Veteran, who never turned his back on me, who taught
me the meaning of hard work and independence, down to earth advice for moving up in the world and dealing
with the difficult people in it and being true to myself.

My fiancé Robert, whose love and support helped me renew my life, dried my tears and made me laugh daily. For
getting Lamar to do his chores and for always making dinner while I wrote this book!
For the “Ladies at the Lake”, my dearest friends, who gave me unfailing support, wisdom of the ages and the
courage to bring this book into reality. (Thanks MaryAnn.)
For my only son Lamar who gave me the purpose to keep going and create a better life after grama died.
For grama who loved me unconditionally and whose love saved my life many times over and for always telling me I
was clever.

For my grampa, World War II Veteran who told me he loved me at a time when I needed to hear it.
For my brother Dave and his wife Kim for always sending Christmas presents and homemade candy when I thought
I was all alone. And who are wonderful parents to their two kids Jared and Jordan.
To Dr. Linda Schrenk for teaching me that no one is completely healthy and for recognizing the real me who she
knew was there all along.

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