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Enrique’s Journey PDF
Enrique’s Journey PDF
No. Of Pages: 211
PDF Size: 1.25 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Sonia Nazario

Enrique’s Journey Summary

He is five years old when he witnesses his mother, Lourdes, leaving their Honduran home. He had no idea she would not return. Lourdes is travelling to the United States to look for employment so she can send money home to her two children, Enrique and Belky. Her time in America is not easy; she falls pregnant and works a variety of jobs. She sends money back home, but she feels guilty and sad about her children growing up without her. Meanwhile, Enrique suffers through his boyhood and longs for the return of his mother. After numerous broken promises, he begins to suspect that she may never return home. When he reaches adolescence, he gets lonely and furious, and he turns to drugs. He goes from place to place while being cared for by various family members. When he is seventeen, he realises that he cannot continue his life in Honduras without his mother’s affection. He decides to go through Guatemala, up Mexico, and over the river to find his mother in the United States. He leaves his homeland of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with little money and few possessions and travels north.

To reach his mother, Enrique must travel through thirteen of Mexico’s thirty-one states and over 12,000 kilometres. He is one of many youngsters who go on a similar hunt for a parent. The voyage is perilous; he must avoid the wrath of bandits, criminals, immigration agents, and crooked cops. Every place is unique, and he must learn what to look out for and avoid through a series of challenges. He made seven efforts to travel from Honduras. Much of the journey is spent on freight trains, where the risks of being seriously injured or perhaps dying are great. He survives the journey thanks to his tenacity, luck, drive, and, most importantly, the assistance of others. On his journey, he encounters other migrants with whom he exchanges tales and shares similar experiences. Despite the hard conditions and the vicious individuals who target migrants, Enrique finds wonderful, kind, and caring people who provide their assistance at the risk of their own punishment. Although he travels much of the way alone, crossing the river on his own is too dangerous. After contacting his mother, he is able to get a smuggler, his guardian, El Tirndaro, to assist him in crossing the border. Finally, after an exhausting and long voyage, he finds himself in the hands of his mother on the eighth journey.

At first, their reunion is joyful. Lourdes has made a decent life for herself in North Carolina with her partner and daughter, Diana. Enrique is relieved to be with his mother, but his conflicted sentiments of abandonment and rage quickly surface. He and his mother start arguing, and their relationship becomes strained. Enrique’s girlfriend, Maria Isabel, gives birth to their daughter, Jasmin, back in Honduras. Enrique wants to move his family to the United States, but he is still dealing with drug addiction and emotional issues. He sends money to Maria Isabel as frequently as he can, but their relationship suffers as a result. Maria Isabel is chastised by Enrique’s family members for how she raises Jasmin and spends Enrique’s money. Maria Isabel becomes closer to Jasmin and struggles to decide what is best for her kid. Finally, she chooses to travel to America to join Enrique. If she leaves now, her daughter will have a better chance of coming to America and growing up with both parents. The book concludes in much the same way it began: with a mother leaving behind her little kid, unable to say goodbye.

Enrique’s Journey PDF
Enrique’s Journey PDF

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