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Eric Butterworth PDF Download
Eric Butterworth PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 260
PDF Size: 11.6 MB
Language: English
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Author: Eric Butterworth
Source: Multiple source
Eric Butterworth PDF Download

Summary of Eric Butterworth PDF Download

This is a great day for unity. Daily we read accounts of the continuing
ecumenical efforts of the worlds’ religions. Dialogue between philosophy or science and religion is commonplace. The leaders of atheistic
Russia are even making new efforts toward communication with the
Vatican and with church groups of the West.
There is much to be enthusiastic about in all this. But I find much
to be unhappy about, too. As a minister-teacher in the Christian
stream of thought, I have a feeling that the Christian movement
does not adequately represent itself in such unity discussions. It
seems to me that the dynamism of the Christian teaching, which is
so greatly needed in our contemporary world, is most often unexpressed

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