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Five Minute Journal PDF
Five Minute Journal PDF
No. Of Pages: 10
PDF Size: 137 KB
Language: English
Category: General
Source: www.intelligentchange.com

The guided gratitude writing approach of The Five Minute Journal employs proven positive psychology concepts to make you happy in just 5 minutes a day.

“There are several advantages to journaling, whether you take the time to write out your whole ideas or merely spend a few minutes every day scribbling down the things you’re most thankful for or lessons you’ve learned.” “The iPhone app, Five Minute Journal, makes this technique simple enough to complete on the fly.” The Lifehacker:


Cultivating thankfulness may benefit many aspects of your life, from personal development and emotional intelligence to meaningful relationships and increased productivity. Many thought leaders (including Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, and many more) practise thankfulness because studies show it improves health, has long-term good benefits for the brain, and is essential for mental well-being.

Using the Five Minute Journal app to practise gratitude gives you a more optimistic attitude towards life, as well as the capacity to recognise amazing things and document life-changing occurrences. The trick is to be consistent. The Five-Minute Journal app is a terrific way to start and finish your day, with smart features and a framework to help you concentrate on what’s good.


“Not only do I like the design’s simplicity, but the fact that it just takes a minute to update the entries means this is something I’ll really use.” This app truly gets you thinking about the good things in life just before you start your day. “


  1. Beautiful, Intuitive Journaling Experience: The Five Minute Journal app has been designed to capture the physical Five Minute Journal experience. Getting around the app is a breeze and adding entries is easy with a guided flow for both your morning and evening entries.
  2. Easy Journal Entry Navigation: Quickly cycle through previous journal entries by scrolling your timeline or by tapping on a specific date in calendar view.
  3. Guided Journaling Flow & Prompts: A new guided process to help you get the most from your gratitude journal experience.
  4. Reminders: Set daily notifications to keep up with a rewarding journaling habit.
  5. Timeline View: Access previous journal entries and view short daily excerpts. Tapping on an entry leads to a full day review.
  6. Daily Quotes & Weekly Challenges: Receive daily inspiring quotes and weekly challenges, and share them across social media.
  7. Passcode Protection: Keep all your journal entries private with secure passcode, Face ID or Touch ID protection.
  8. Dark Mode: Use your journal in either light or dark mode, which is especially great for late night journaling.
  9. Compatible With Any Device or platform: Use it on iPhone app, iPad app and Apple Watch companion app.
  10. Streaks: Track your personal progress and get some insights on positive changes in your life.
  11. Backup/Export: Easily backup your entries and export all your treasured memories and media to PDF, HTML, Dropbox, and more. You can select a date range or export all of them.


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