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Go Placidly amid the Noise and Haste PDF
Go Placidly amid the Noise and Haste PDF
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Go quietly among the din and rushing, and remember the tranquilly that stillness may provide. Be on good terms with everyone as much as possible without surrendering. Speak your truth plainly and softly, and listen to others, even the dull and uneducated; they, too, have a tale to tell. Avoid those who are noisy and aggressive because they irritate the spirit.

If you compare yourself to others, you may become conceited or bitter, since there will always be people who are better or worse than you. Take pride in your accomplishments as well as your ambitions. Maintain an interest in your own profession, no matter how little; it is a valuable asset in the shifting fortunes of time.

Go Placidly amid the Noise and Haste PDF
Go Placidly amid the Noise and Haste PDF

Be cautious in your commercial dealings since the world is full of deception. But don’t let this blind you to the virtues that exist; many people strive for great goals, and heroism can be found everywhere. Be true to yourself. Do not, under any circumstances, pretend to be in love. Do not be cynical about love; it is as eternal as grass in the face of all aridity and disillusion. Take the advice of the years with care, graciously relinquishing the things of youth.

Develop spiritual fortitude to protect you in the event of adversity. But don’t torture yourself with terrible fantasies. Fatigue and loneliness are the root causes of many anxieties. In addition to maintaining healthy discipline, be kind to yourself. You, like the trees and the stars, are a child of the cosmos, and you have a right to be here. And, whether it is obvious to you or not, the world is undoubtedly unfolding as it should.

As a result, be at peace with God, whomever or whatever you imagine him to be. And, whatever your labours and desires in the midst of life’s clamour, keep your spirit at rest. It is still a lovely planet, even with all of its farce, drudgery, and dashed hopes. Keep a positive attitude.


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