[PDF] God Is My Matchmaker PDF (Derek Prince with Ruth Prince)

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God Is My Matchmaker PDF
God Is My Matchmaker PDF
No. Of Pages: 173
PDF Size: 2.89 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Derek Prince with Ruth Prince

This is God’s purpose for you, as the divine matchmaker. Marriage is a magnificent gift from God to his children, and it is a precious creation of God. But all too often, we fail to trust Him with the decision or the timing.In this revised and expanded edition of their best-selling book, Derek and Jennifer Prince and his wife, Ruth, reveal God’s genuine plan for you and your future spouse. In this episode, Derek sets forth seven biblical stages for finding your partner, in addition to discussing their own real-life love storey.

He’ll also assist you in answering difficult issues like: “How do I know whether it’s God’s will for me to marry? “How do I prepare myself for marriage?” How do I locate the partner God has chosen for me? What does God have in mind for remarriage? God Is a Matchmaker includes particular advice and information for parents, pastors, counsellors, teachers, and youth ministers concerned with those preparing for this exciting period of life. It is full of inspirational testimonials from people who found their right partners by following these principles. When you discover God’s marital pattern, you will get His ideal gift: a marriage that is genuinely formed in heaven.

God Is My Matchmaker PDF
God Is My Matchmaker PDF

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