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Great Expectations PDF
Great Expectations PDF
No. Of Pages: 483
PDF Size: 1.22 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Charles Dickens

Pip, a young orphan living in the Kent marshes with his sister and her husband, sits in a graveyard one evening, staring at his parents’ tombstones. Suddenly, an escaped prisoner leaps from behind a gravestone and grabs Pip, ordering him to get him food and a file for his leg cuffs. Pip obeys, but the scary inmate is quickly apprehended. Pip is protected by the criminal, who claims to have stolen the stuff himself.

Uncle Pumblechook takes Pip to Satis House, the home of the rich dowager Miss Havisham, who is highly eccentric: she wears an ancient bridal gown wherever she goes and has all the clocks in her house stopped at the same time. During his stay, he meets Estella, a gorgeous young girl who treats him cruelly and contemptuously. Nonetheless, he falls in love with her and fantasises about being a rich gentleman in order to be worthy of her. He even believes that Miss Havisham wants to elevate him to the status of gentleman and marry him to Estella, but his aspirations are crushed when, after months of frequent trips to Satis House, Miss Havisham chooses to assist him in becoming a common worker in his family’s business.

Great Expectations PDF
Great Expectations PDF

Under Miss Havisham’s supervision, Pip is apprenticed to his brother-in-law, Joe, the town blacksmith. Pip works miserably at the forge, attempting to further his studies with the assistance of the plain, gentle Biddy and confronting Joe’s spiteful day worker, Orlick. Mrs. Joe, Pip’s sister, is violently abused and becomes a mute invalid one night following a dispute with Orlick. Based on her indications, Pip assumes Orlick was behind the assault.

One day, a lawyer named Jaggers comes with surprising news: a mysterious donor has left Pip a great fortune, and Pip must travel to London right away to begin his education as a gentleman. Pip is overjoyed that his earlier expectations have come true—that Miss Havisham is his hidden donor and that the elderly lady wants him to marry Estella.

Pip becomes friends with a young gentleman called Herbert Pocket and Jaggers’ legal clerk, Wemmick, in London. He mocks his previous acquaintances and loved ones, particularly Joe, yet he still pines for Estella. He furthers his knowledge by studying with Herbert’s father, instructor Matthew Pocket. Herbert personally teaches Pip how to be a gentleman. When Pip reaches the age of twenty-one and starts to receive money from his wealth, he will discreetly assist Herbert in buying his way into the business he has chosen for himself. But, for the time being, Herbert and Pip live an unrestrained life in London, enjoying themselves and amassing debts. Orlick returns to Pip’s life as Miss Havisham’s porter, but is swiftly dismissed by Jaggers when Pip uncovers Orlick’s nefarious history. Mrs. Joe dies, and Pip returns home for the burial, overcome with sadness and regret. After a few years, a familiar person storms into Pip’s room—the prisoner, Magwitch, who astounds Pip by revealing that he, not Miss Havisham, is the source of Pip’s money. He tells Pip that he was so affected by Pip’s youthful compassion that he committed his life to making Pip a gentleman, and he built a fortune in Australia to do so.

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