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Head First Design Patterns PDF
Head First Design Patterns PDF
No. Of Pages: 619
PDF Size: 22.9 MB
Language: English
Category: General
Author: Elisabeth Freeman (Author), Eric Freeman (Author), Bert Bates (Author), Kathy Sierra (Author)

Head First Design Patterns Summary

First and foremost, when designing, try to tackle problems in the simplest way feasible. The objective should be simplicity rather than “how can I apply a pattern to this situation?” If you don’t utilise a pattern to address an issue, don’t feel like you’re not a skilled developer. Other developers will respect and love your design’s simplicity. However, using a pattern is sometimes the best way to keep your design basic and adaptable.

Nobody ever talks about when to get rid of a pattern. It’s as if it were sacrilege! We’re all adults here, so we’ll take it. So, when do you get rid of a pattern? When your system has gotten complicated and the flexibility you anticipated is no longer required, In other words, when a simpler solution that does not include the pattern would be preferable.

Design patterns are quite strong, and it’s easy to understand how they might be employed in your current projects. Developers are naturally drawn to creating attractive buildings that are adaptable to change in all directions.

Resist the urge to eat. If you have a practical requirement to enable change in a design right now, go ahead and use a pattern to manage it. However, if the rationale is purely speculative, do not provide the pattern. It will just complicate your system, and you may never use it.

Head First Design Patterns PDF
Head First Design Patterns PDF

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