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High Probability Trading PDF
High Probability Trading PDF
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PDF Size: 2.01 MB
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You don’t need a huge account or to take big risks to learn how to trade and establish a trading strategy. True, with a modest account and unleveraged transactions, you will not make a lot of money. You will also not lose much as you learn. With leveraged transactions, the learning process may be expensive.

Your goal should be to learn to trade rather than to make money until you have built a consistently successful trading plan that is profitable on a constant basis. It may seem strange to state that your goal is not to generate money, yet that is the case. Money will follow once you have learnt to trade.

There is no reason to incur large risks until you have learnt how to trade successfully. Do you want to trade futures stock indexes such as the ES Mini (S & P Mini futures contract)? Trade the SPY ETF until you have a steady profit, then move on to the leveraged futures contract. Do you want to trade Forex? Forget about 100:1 leverage until you’ve figured out how to trade.

You can trade ETFs for most major currency pairs until you learn how to trade properly.If you can’t make money trading without leverage, you’ll never be able to make money trading with leverage. It’s really that simple. There is an obvious gap between someone who is serious about learning to trade and someone who believes trading is a get-rich-quick scheme.

High Probability Trading PDF
High Probability Trading PDF


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