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Introduction to the Devout Life PDF Download
Introduction to the Devout Life PDF Download
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Language: English
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Author: Unknown
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Introduction to the Devout Life PDF Download

Summary of Introduction to the Devout Life PDF Download

DEAR reader, I request you to read this Preface for your own satisfaction as well as mine.
The flower-girl Glycera was so skilled in varying the arrangement and combination of her
flowers, that out of the same kinds she produced a great variety of bouquets; so that the painter
Pausias, 1
who sought to rival the diversity of her art, was brought to a standstill, for he could not
vary his painting so endlessly as Glycera varied her bouquets. Even so the Holy Spirit of God
disposes and arranges the devout teaching which He imparts through the lips and pen of His servants
with such endless variety, that, although the doctrine is ever one and the same, their treatment of
it is different, according to the varying minds whence that treatment flows. Assuredly I neither
desire, nor ought to write in this book anything but what has been already said by others before
me. I offer you the same flowers, dear reader, but the bouquet will be somewhat different from
theirs, because it is differently made up.
Almost all those who have written concerning the devout life have had chiefly in view persons
who have altogether quitted the world; or at any rate they have taught a manner of devotion which
would lead to such total retirement. But my object is to teach those who are living in towns, at
court, in their own households, and whose calling obliges them to a social life, so far as externals
are concerned. Such persons are apt to reject all attempt to lead a devout life under the plea of
impossibility; imagining that like as no animal presumes to eat of the plant commonly called Palma
Christi, so no one who is immersed in the tide of temporal affairs ought to presume to seek the
palm of Christian piety.

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