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Jane Eyre PDF
Jane Eyre PDF
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Jane Eyre Summary

Jane Eyre’s harsh, affluent aunt is raising her as a young orphan. Jane receives some of the few kindnesses she receives from a servant named Bessie, who tells her stories and sings her songs. Jane’s aunt imprisons Jane in the red-chamber, the room where Jane’s Uncle Reed died, one day as punishment for arguing with her bullying cousin, John Reed. Jane cries and faints while being held captive, believing she sees her uncle’s spirit. She awakens to find herself in the care of Bessie and Mr. Lloyd, a sympathetic pharmacist who advises Mrs. Reed that Jane be sent away to school. Mrs. Reed agrees, much to Jane’s joy.

Jane discovers that her life at the Lowood School is far from perfect. Mr. Brocklehurst, the school’s headmaster, is a harsh, hypocritical, and aggressive man. Brocklehurst teaches a religion of poverty and deprivation to his pupils while living an affluent and sumptuous lifestyle with his own family using school funds. Jane encounters a young girl called Helen Burns at Lowood, whose strong, martyrlike attitude toward the school’s woes is both helpful and vexing to Jane. Helen dies of consumption as a result of a huge typhus outbreak that spreads through Lowood. The pandemic also causes Mr. Brocklehurst to leave by drawing attention to the unsanitary conditions at Lowood. Jane’s situation improves drastically once Brocklehurst is replaced by a group of more compassionate guys. She stays at Lowood for another eight years, six as a student and two as a teacher.

Jane is looking for new adventures after teaching for two years. She takes a governess post at Thornfield Manor, where she teaches a bright French child named Adèle. Mrs. Fairfax, a skilled housekeeper, rules over the estate. Jane’s boss at Thornfield is a dark, passionate man named Rochester, with whom Jane secretly falls in love. One night, she saves Rochester from a fire that he believes was created by a drunken servant called Grace Poole. However, because Grace Poole continues to work at Thornfield, Jane assumes that she has not been given the full storey. When Rochester brings home a gorgeous but violent woman named Blanche Ingram, Jane slips into despair. Jane anticipates Rochester proposing to Blanche. Rochester, on the other hand, proposes to Jane, who accepts almost incredulously.

The wedding day approaches, and as Jane and Mr. Rochester prepare to exchange vows, Mr. Mason’s voice declares that Rochester already has a wife. Mason introduces himself as the brother of the wife, Bertha. Mr. Mason testifies that Rochester’s wife, Bertha, whom he married when he was a young man in Jamaica, is still alive. Rochester does not refute Mason’s assertions, but he does explain that Bertha has gone insane. He returns the wedding party to Thornfield, where they see the mad Bertha Mason crawling about on all fours and roaring like an animal. Rochester hides Bertha on the third floor of Thornfield and pays Grace Poole to keep his wife in check. Bertha was the true source of the weird fire mentioned earlier in the novel. Jane departs Thornfield, knowing it is impossible for her to stay with Rochester.

Jane, who is penniless and hungry, is forced to sleep outside and beg for food. Finally, three siblings who dwell in a mansion known as Marsh End or Moor House take her in. Mary, Diana, and St. John (pronounced “Sinjin”) Rivers are their names, and Jane instantly becomes friends with them. St. John is a minister who gets Jane a position teaching at a charity school in Morton. He catches her off guard one day when he announces that her uncle, John Eyre, has died and left her a hefty inheritance of 20,000 pounds. When Jane asks how he found out about this, he surprises her even more by revealing that her uncle is also his uncle; Jane and the Riverses are cousins. Jane quickly resolves to divide her inheritance equally among her three newly discovered cousins.

St. John plans to go to India as a missionary, and he strongly encourages Jane to follow him—as his wife. Jane decides to travel to India but refuses to marry her cousin since she dislikes him. St. John persuades her to rethink, and she almost succumbs. When she hears Rochester’s voice screaming her name over the moors one night, she understands she cannot forsake the guy she genuinely loves forever. Jane rushes back to Thornfield, only to discover that it has been burnt to the ground by Bertha Mason, who died in the fire. Rochester saved the servants but lost his sight and one of his hands in the process. Jane continues her journey to Rochester’s new home, Ferndean, where he resides with two maids, John and Mary.

Rochester and Jane renew their friendship at Ferndean and eventually marry. Jane writes at the end of her narrative that she and Rochester have been married for 10 wonderful years and that they enjoy complete equality in their lives together. She claims that after two years of blindness, Rochester regained sight in one eye and witnessed the birth of their first child.

Jane Eyre PDF
Jane Eyre PDF

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