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Jill Biden Dissertation PDF
Jill Biden Dissertation PDF
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Jill Biden’s use of the title “Dr.” has been snarky and unfairly criticised, but it isn’t only sexism. It also reveals Biden’s long-held contempt for the field in which she got her doctorate: education.

A recent Wall Street Journal op-ed chastised the potential first lady for wanting to be addressed as “Dr.” The op-ed has been widely panned, particularly for being “outrageously sexist,” as one letter to the editor with 330 signatories put it.

To be sure, the op-ed was condescending in a manner that makes it difficult to believe it was written about a guy. The author, Joseph Epstein, an 83-year-old who has long delighted in political incorrectness, including slurs on feminism, referred to Biden as “a kiddo.” It’s doubtful he’d use that word in reference to, say, prospective “second gentleman” Doug Emhoff. However, the overarching tone of the paper was not anti-feminist as much as it was anti-what Epstein perceives as academic pretentiousness.

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Only medical physicians, according to Epstein, should be addressed as “Dr.” (He’s not alone: standard AP Style advises against using “Dr.” for non-medical doctorates to prevent misunderstanding.) Perhaps things were different in the past, when oral examinations were so tough that “a secretary waited outside the room” with “a pitcher of water and a glass” in case the doctoral candidate collapsed, Epstein writes. Even today, he claims, people with doctorates in the hard sciences—physics, chemistry, and so on—have the right to use the title “Dr.” but not those in the humanities and social sciences. And he points out that Biden’s doctorate is an Ed.D.—a doctorate in education, not a Ph.D.—obtained via a dissertation with an “unpromising” title: “Student Retention at the Community College: Meeting Students’ Needs.”

Given the high dropout rate at community institutions, it’s unclear why such a title would be considered “unpromising.” Epstein, more than likely, believed that Biden’s study was lacking in rigour. Right-wing pundits have made that presumption explicit—and nastier. The Ed.D. has been described as “somewhat of a joke in the academic world,” a degree that “only extremely mediocre individuals believe merits the title of “Doctor.” They’ve sifted through Biden’s dissertation for typos and mistakes, judging it “barely appropriate for a middle-school Social Studies course” and of a calibre that “wouldn’t be permitted in a high-school paper.”

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