[PDF] Karma Janma Telugu Book PDF Download

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Karma Janma Telugu Book PDF Download
Karma Janma Telugu Book PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 247
PDF Size: 3.6 MB
Language: Telugu
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Unknown
Source: Multiple source
Karma Janma Telugu Book PDF Download

Summary of Karma Janma Telugu Book PDF Download

He noticed some guards around a thief while on the way. A king moved a little more and noticed some guards surrounding him. He halted and sceptically questioned the king. ” Raja! Similar guards were surrounding the thief. Guards are also posted all around you. What separates you from the thief, exactly?

The king responded with a smile. The burglar was a prisoner who had security around him. They are keeping him from running away. I long for liberation. To keep me safe, these guards are all around me. They will go if I do.”

Karmas make up those guards. The guards act selfishly by doing nothing to stop the thief from being punished fairly for his actions. Selfish acts tie us together. However, the king’s guards are kind individuals. Unless they save man, selfless acts cannot bind.

A coconut tree’s trunk was adhered to by a quickly expanding vine, which proudly addressed the coconut tree.

“Look, how rapidly did I develop and become involved yesterday?” You too? didn’t gain a single inch.”

With a little smile, the coconut tree responded. The same thing has been said to me by thousands of vines. They have been carried away by the wind, but I am still standing.

Orthodoxy in Hinduism is like that coconut tree. The foundation of such Hinduism, karma-janma, is discussed in this book. Describe karma. When and how is karma’s outcome attained? resulting in a karmic connection. How can it be destroyed beforehand without bearing the consequences of karma? In this book, Sri Malladi Venkata Krishnamurthy describes many of these characteristics.

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