[PDF] Kurishinte Vazhi PDF Download

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Kurishinte Vazhi PDF Download
Kurishinte Vazhi PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 22
PDF Size: 2.86 MB
Language: Malayalam
Category: Religion and Spirituality
Author: Unknown
Source: malankaralibrary.com
Kurishinte Vazhi PDF Download

You who died on the cross
You who died on the cross
Victorious on the cross
Of the cross
We are coming our way

Kurishinte Vazhi PDF Download

Lord of the worlds, I wish you to become a disciple
The heroine who carried the cross and ordered you to follow in your footsteps
Lord of the worlds, wash away the filth of sin with your divine blood (on the cross ..)

Eternal God, we worship you. We thank you, Lord, for sacrificing our lives for sinful men.

You have blessed us and loved us to the end. You have said that there is no greater love than sacrificing one’s life for a friend. The final journey from Pilate’s house to Gogolta carrying the cross was the greatest expression of that love. Through that path of tears and blood we also accompany you on a pilgrimage following the anxious Mother. Lord, who has informed us that the way to heaven is narrow and the door narrow, help us to walk through that narrow path, happily enduring the pains and crosses we experience every day of our lives.

Lord, bless me.

Holy Mother of God, imprint on our hearts the wounds of the crucified Lord.

Kurishinte Vazhi PDF Download
Kurishinte Vazhi PDF Download

(On the way to the first place)

Sentenced to death, unblemished
The Lamb of God
Convicted and defiled
The unmixed Lord.

He was charged with a number of unknown offenses
Holy of you
Handmaiden, you are merciful
കദനത്തിലാഴ്ത്തി നിന്നെ

In the final judgment you
Alivar for us
Good luck. (For death ..)

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