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Layangan Putus PDF
Layangan Putus PDF
No. Of Pages: 256
PDF Size: 2.89 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Layangan Putus PDF

An innocent adolescent girl from the region grows, develops, and finds love in a huge metropolis that is significantly different from her hometown’s atmosphere. His basic ambition is to complete his studies and finish them on time, but everything changes when he meets a strong guy.

A self-sufficient and driven guy exposes her to a new world she has never known. a fascinating and thrilling environment that is completely unlike the lives of youngsters in their neighbourhood. Kinan falls in love with Aris, a charming figure with a persistent personality. Aris’ perspective on the world shifted.

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In the marital connection, both parties share a vision and a vow. Kinan dutifully followed Aris to create their ideas, beginning from the ground up.

Aris’ shift in thinking has shifted Kinan’s view on life’s priorities once again. Kinan remains loyal to Aris and abandons her ambition to become a professional woman. Aris’ wish is met by choosing to care for the family at home. And return to knowing God.

Aris was able to persuade Kinan that the fact that he worked outside the house was sufficient to allow Kinan to achieve his childhood goal of adventure in hot air balloons.

Kinan fell in love with Cappadocia’s splendour and the hot air balloons that graced the sky.

Fate has other plans. Kinan, on the other hand, could only appreciate the photographs he discovered on his husband’s iPhone. Along with other females

Aris comes home after a twelve-day absence, bringing with him everything new that Kinan has never known. Will Aris be able to persuade Kinan to reconsider his decision?

This Kites Out book is divided into 16 episodes. The first episode is called “One,” while the concluding episode is titled “Sixteen.”

In addition to the reading link, a summary of the book Layangan Putus is provided below. Also see: Free Novel Souvenirs from In-Laws Full Episodes 1-49 and the Synopsis.

The layout was created by Dita FU, and it was proofread by Dedi Padiku and S. Prowiro.

RDM Publisher and Google Play are the publishers of the book, which will be released in November 2020.

Kites Putus, a romantic genre book, has a very excellent rating of 4.9.

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Layangan Putus PDF Download

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