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Life of Pi PDF
Life of Pi PDF
No. Of Pages: 181
PDF Size: 405 KB
Language: English
Author: Yann Martel

Life of Pi Summary

An unnamed author figure says in an Author’s Note that he moved from his home in Canada to India because he was restless. While sipping coffee in a café in Pondicherry, he encountered an elderly man named Francis Adirubasamy, who volunteered to tell him a great narrative that would restore his trust in God. This is Pi Patel’s tale. The author then transitions into the storey itself, but not before informing his reader that the account will seem more natural if he delivers it in Pi’s own voice.

Pi narrates Part One in the first person. Pi recounts from an elderly age, reflecting on his former life as a high school and college student in Toronto, and then even further back to his childhood in Pondicherry. He confesses that he has been through a lot and found peace in religion and zoology. He recounts Francis Adirubasamy, a close business partner of his father’s and a professional swimming champion, who taught him to swim and gave him his peculiar name. Adirubasamy’s Pi is named after the Piscine Molitor, a Parisian swimming club with two pools frequented by Adirubasamy. We learn that Pi’s father used to run the Pondicherry Zoo, where he taught Pi and his younger brother, Ravi, about the dangers of animals by giving a live goat to a tiger in front of their young eyes. Pi, who was raised as a Hindu, finds Christianity, then Islam, and decides to pursue all three religions at the same time. Pi’s parents decided to relocate the family to Canada due to political unrest in India; on June 21, 1977, they set sail on a cargo ship with a crew and numerous cages full of zoo species.

The ship begins to sink at the start of Part Two. Pi clings to a lifeboat and invites Richard Parker, a tiger, to join him. Pi then jumps into the water after realising he made a mistake by bringing a wild animal onboard. The storey goes back in time as Pi recalls the sinking’s explosive noise and chaos: crewmembers push him into a lifeboat, where he quickly finds himself alone with a zebra, an orangutan, and a hyena, all of whom appear to be in shock. His family has left him. The storm passes, and Pi mulls over his predicament. The hyena kills the zebra and orangutan, and then—much to Pi’s surprise—Richard Parker appears: the tiger had been hiding in the bottom of the lifeboat all along. Soon after, the tiger kills the hyena, leaving Pi and Richard Parker alone at sea. Pi survives on bottled and filtered seawater, as well as emergency food and newly caught sea animals. He also looks after the tiger, which he masters and trains.

The days pass slowly, and the occupants of the lifeboat cohabit cautiously. While suffering from temporary blindness caused by dehydration, Pi meets another blind castaway. They talk about food while tying their boats together. Richard Parker kills the blind guy who assaults Pi with the intention of eating him. Soon later, the boat arrives at an odd island of trees that grow right out of vegetation with no soil. Pi and Richard Parker remain here for a while, resting in their boat during the day and exploring the island during the night. Pi comes across a large colony of meerkats sleeping in trees and freshwater ponds. Pi discovers human teeth in the fruit of a tree one day and concludes that the island consumes humans. He and Richard Parker return to the sea, eventually washing up on a Mexican beach. Richard Parker flees, and people transport Pi to a hospital.

In Part Three, two Japanese Ministry of Transport officials interrogate Pi about his experience at sea, attempting to give him insight into the fate of the tragic ship. Pi narrates the narrative as described above, but it does not totally satisfy the guys who are doubtful. So he recounts it again, this time substituting people for the animals: a voracious cook for the hyena, a sailor for the zebra, and his mother for the orangutan. The officials remark that the two tales fit, with the second being significantly more likely. In their final report, they congratulate Pi for spending so much time with an adult tiger.

Life of Pi PDF
Life of Pi PDF

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