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Manual Escalator PDF Download
Manual Escalator PDF Download
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Manual Escalator PDF Download

Summary of Manual Escalator PDF Download

The gear reducer has a worm under gear arrangement with the main drive
motor c-face mounted (with an adapter and coupling) to the drive end of the
input. The opposite end of the reducer input has a mounting plate and shaft
for the dual machine brake.

A double strand chain sprocket is mounted on the gear reducer output shaft
on the right side of the reducer (as viewed from behind the motor).
The output shaft of the drive motor transfers power to the worm (input) shaft
of the gear reducer. The gear reducer, in turn, transfers motor torque through
its gear output shaft to the chain sprocket. This sprocket is connected via the
main drive chain to the main drive assembly in the upper truss.

The main drive assembly then delivers motion to the main drive shaft, step
chain sprockets, and handrail drive sprockets.
The dual machine brake, which stops escalator motion, is mounted on the
extended side of the gear reducer’s worm input shaft. Brakes are discussed
in Mechanical Section B.

The machine normally drives the steps at a speed of 90 feet per minute (27.4
meters per minute). Inspection (maintenance) speed is 15 feet per minute
(4.57 meters per minute).

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