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Miles Circuit PDF
Miles Circuit PDF
No. Of Pages: 4
PDF Size: 18.1 MB
Language: English
Category: Health and Fitness
Source: Sharon Muza, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), LCCE, FACCE

What is the Miles Circuit, and how does it work?

The Miles Circuit is a three-step procedure that aims to put the infant in the best possible position for delivery. The Miles Circuit takes roughly 90 minutes to complete at full capacity.

It encourages the infant to migrate into the left occiput anterior position by using postures of relaxation and movement (more on this below).

The Miles Circuit may be used in a variety of ways. I took it soon before my due date to help induce spontaneous labour, but it has a lot of other uses!

Miles Circuit PDF
Miles Circuit PDF

How it can help you during your pregnancy and birth

  • You can begin the Miles Circuit during week 37 of pregnancy to encourage a malpositioned baby into a better position for birth
  • You can use the circuit in the days leading up to or after your due date. Encouraging baby to engage can help signal to your body to start labor
  • Use the circuit during early labor to help baby into that optimal position. It’s also a restful yet productive way to spend your early labor if sleep isn’t possible
  • Try the circuit DURING labor, especially if you’re having back labor
  • Get a stalled labor going again naturally with the use of the Miles Circuit

Can the Miles Circuit start labor?

In a nutshell, there is no conclusive evidence that the Miles Circuit can induce labour. Anecdotally, many mothers claim that the Miles Circuit was critical in the start of their labor.I utilised it before my second child was born, along with a few other techniques, and I am a firm believer!

The Miles Circuit’s postures are designed to soothe the labouring mother and expand the pelvis. This allows the baby to rotate and move into the best position for delivery. Many people think that if the baby is in the best position for delivery, our bodies will initiate labour on their own.

The baby may turn and descend into your cervix when there is more room in your pelvis. This should (ideally) alert your body that contractions are about to begin!


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