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Monsters of the Multiverse 5e PDF
Monsters of the Multiverse 5e PDF
No. Of Pages: 11
PDF Size: 320 KB
Language: English
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A bestiary of wondrous friends and foes for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

The newest Dungeons & Dragons book, “Monsters of the Multiverse,” is the newest Dungeons & Dragons book, and it will assist in bridging the gap between the 5th edition of the game and what follows next. For the first time in a single volume, it collects more than 30 distinct playable races, as well as more than 250 creatures from the D&D cosmos. It’s the most creatures released in a single volume since the 5th edition Monster Manual, and many of them, according to main rules designer Jeremy Crawford, should “terrify” seasoned players.

Many of these monsters, particularly those with higher difficulty ratings, are significantly more deadly than they were the last time they appeared in print, Crawford said at a preview event. “We’ve had very constant criticism since the introduction of the core books back in 2014 that a number of our [high-level] monsters just felt a little too weak in many instances—like they were punching below the challenge rating.”

The challenge rating (CR) of a monster is a simple indicator of its relative strength. Crawford and his Wizards of the Coast team stated that they significantly revamped several monsters, offering various combat choices to let them actually live up to their strong CR. In other cases, the team merely modified a monster’s powers, talents, and attributes.

“We kept wondering, ‘Is this monster the best version of itself?'” Crawford went on. “We’ve also added new qualities in numerous areas.” As you read the book, you’ll come across certain monsters that will make you think, “Oh, yes, I know this one. “I’ve even used it in one of my games.” “However, if you look at the stat block, you’ll see, “Oh, there’s a fresh twist.””

While the bulk of the monsters in the bestiary have already appeared in publications such as Volo’s Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, others are appearing in print for the first time. This contains a whimsical fairy Dolphin Delighter with telepathic abilities, which is the ideal supplement to the ongoing campaign of the recently published The Wild Beyond The Witchlight.

  • Over 250 monsters are included. Updates to monsters include making spellcasters simpler for dungeon masters to manage, increasing the damage and resilience of many monsters, and enhancing the arrangement of the stat blocks themselves.
  • There are around 30 different races to choose from. brings together all of the game’s setting-independent races in one volume, complementing the races in the Player’s Handbook.
  • A lore multiverse. Monster lore updates centre the storey on the D&D multiverse rather than any one planet.
Monsters of the Multiverse 5e PDF
Monsters of the Multiverse 5e PDF


Abishai, BlackStegosaurus (Dinosaur)HutijinSorrowsworn, Hungry
Abishai, BlueVelociraptor (Dinosaur)HydrolothSorrowsworn, Lonely
Abishai, GreenDolphinJuiblexSorrowsworn, Lost
Abishai, RedDolphin DelighterKi-rinSorrowsworn, Wretched
Abishai, WhiteDraeglothKobold DragonshieldSpawn of Kyuss
AlhoonDow ArachnomancerKobold InventorStar Spawn Grue
AlkilithDrow Favored ConsortKobold Scale SorcererStar Spawn Hulk
AllipDrow House CaptainKorredStar Spawn Larva Mage
AmnizuDrow InquisitorKraken PriestStar Spawn Mangler
Annis HagDrow Matron MotherKruthik, YoungStar Spawn Seer
ArchdruidDrow ShadowbladeKruthik AdultSteeder, Female
ArcherDuergar DespotKruthik Hive LordSteeder, Male
ArmaniteDuergar KavalrachniLeucrottaSteel Predator
Astral DreadnoughtDuergar Mind MasterLeviathanStone Cursed
BabauDuergar SoulbladeMartial Arts AdeptStone Giant Dreamwalker
BaelDuergar Stone GuardMarutStorm Giant Quintessent
BalhannothDuergar WarlordMaster ThiefSwarm of Rot Grubs
BaphometDuergar HammererMaw DemonSword Wraith Commander
BardDuergar ScreamerMeazelSword Wraith Warrior
Bheur HagEladrin, AutumnMerrenolothTlincalli
BlackguardEladrin, SpringMindwitnessTortle
BodakEladrin, SummerMolochTortle Druid
BoggleEladrin, WinterMolydeusTrapper
BoneclawElder BrainMorkothTroll, Dire
BulezauElder TempestMouth of GrolantorTroll, Rot
Cadaver CollectorElemental Myrmidon, AirNabassuTroll, Spirit
CanolothElemental Myrmidon, EarthNagpaTroll, Venom
CatoblepasElemental Myrmidon, FireNarzugonUlitharid
Aurochs (Cattle)Elemental Myrmidon, WaterNeogi HatchlingVampiric Mist
Deep Rothé (Cattle)Fire Giant DreadnoughtNeogiVargouille
Ox (Cattle)Firenewt Warlock of ImixNeogi MasterVegepygmy
Stench Kow (Cattle)Firenewt WarriorNeothelidVegepygmy Chief
Cave FisherFlail SnailNightwalkerVegepygmy, Thorny
ChampionFlindNilbogWar Priest
ChitineFraz-Urb’luuNupperiboWarlock of the Archfey
ChokerFroghemothOblex SpawnWarlock of the Fiend
CholdrithFrost Giant Everlasting OneOblex, AdultWarlock of the Great Old One
Clockwork Bronze ScoutFrost SalamanderOblex, ElderWarlord
Clockwork Iron CobraGauthOgre Battering RamWastrilith
Clockwork Oaken BolterGazerOgre Bolt LauncherWizard, Apprentice
Clockwork Stone DefenderGervonOgre Chain BruteWizard, Abjurer
Cloud Giant Smiling OneGiant StriderOgre HowdahWizard, Conjurer
Corpse FlowerGiffOinolothWizard, Diviner
Cranium RatGirallonOrcusWizard, Enchanter
Cranium Rats, Swarm ofGithyanki GishOrthonWizard, Evoker
DarklingGithyankiKithrakPhoenixWizard, Illusionist
Darkling ElderGithyanki Supreme CommanderQuicklingWizard, Necromancer
Death KissGithzerai AnarchRedcapWizard, Transmuter
DeathlockGithzerai EnlightenedRetrieverWood Woad
Deathlock MastermindGnoll Flesh GnawerRutterkinXvart
Deathlock WightGnoll HunterSea SpawnXvart Warlock of Raxivort
Deep ScionGnoll WitheringShadar-Kai Gloom WeaverYagnoloth
DemogorgonGray RenderShadar-Kai Shadow DancerYeenoghu
DerroGraziztShadar-Kai Soul MongerYeth Hound
Derro SavantGrungShadow MastiffYuan-ti Anathema
DevourerGrung Elite WarriorShadow Mastiff AlphaYuan-ti Broodguard
DhergolothGrung WildlingShoosuvaYuan-ti Mind Whisperer
Brontosaurus (Dinosaur)Guard DrakeSibriexYuan-ti Nightmare Speaker
Deinonychus (Dinosaur)Hellfire EngineSkulkYuan-ti Pit Master
Dimetrodon (Dinosaur)Hobgoblin DevastatoSkull LordZaratan
Hadrosaurus (Dinosaur)Hobgoblin Iron ShadowSlithering TrackerZariel
Ouetzalcoatlus (Dinosaur)HowlerSorrowsworn, AngryZuggtmoy

All the monsters included in Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse Wizards of the Coast

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