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Mujeres Desnudas SE Manifiestan Contra Los Femicidios PDF
Mujeres Desnudas SE Manifiestan Contra Los Femicidios PDF
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Source: Femicidio en Ecuador

A group of ladies protested entirely nude in order to urge action against gender abuse. They accomplished it in front of the National Congress, the House of Representatives, and the Courts of Justice.

It was 3:30 p.m. when a group of ladies stood in front of the Courts of Justice and started stripping naked in front of the stunned gazes of the passersby that passed in the area. They protested with the overwhelming force of their naked bodies, followed by placards proclaiming, “Femicide is genocide.”

The demonstration, dubbed “Caravan Femicide Is Genocide,” was planned for this afternoon by the Artistic Force of Communicative Shock (FACC) organisation, which has previously protested in the same manner.

The protest caravan was organised by the organisation Fuerza Artistica de Choque Comunicativo (FACC), which had previously performed similar acts. More than a hundred ladies, all naked, moved, yelled, and fell to the ground, accompanied by music played by an orchestra of violinists and bassists.

The FACC group finished their performance with slogans, phrases, and a woman’s words heard over a megaphone: ways to kill a woman: cut her neck, instant death, abandoned without water, locked up with water but no food, strangled, burned, frozen, bled, struck with an object, stabbed in the heart, and how long each of those deaths would take. They spoke about justice, patriarchal society, and forbidden bodies. and the right to control one’s own body.

They’d done it before at Plaza de Mayo, just in front of the Casa Rosada. The demonstration concluded in front of Congress.

Everything happened as part of the third mobilisation against female violence, which will include several activities and will culminate on Saturday with a new march coordinated by the # NiUnaMenos collective.

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Mujeres Desnudas SE Manifiestan Contra Los Femicidios PDF Download

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