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My Note Taking Nerd PDF Download
My Note Taking Nerd PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 102
PDF Size: 289
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Unknown
Source: Multiple source
My Note Taking Nerd PDF Download

Summary of My Note Taking Nerd PDF Download

You + Your Market + Your Marketing + Your People + Your Systems
 Speed of Implementation (Time between you hear
something and put it into action) = Key to Success
 Most business problems = root problem = not being able to understand
the perspective of another human being and behaving through that – “see through”
 Put all your focus on the other person, Find out what they want and
then create it and ask “do you want this” vs. ‘selling’, Let THEM (not you) be the smart
one and be the important one, Create the idea and emotionally detach from it and
judge it on its own merit in the marketplace vs.

emotionally invest in your idea,
reinvest/compound interest/long-term vs. spend/consume now/short term, Focus on
one thing to completion vs. multitask, Do one thing way better than ‘well’ and have
people do the other stuff vs. Do everything well, Let the opportunities go by and don’t
get distracted vs. grabbing all opportunities

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