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Night Below an Underdark Campaign PDF
Night Below an Underdark Campaign PDF
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The first epic campaign adventure for the AD & D game, Night Below, is planned to carry the player characters from 1st level to 10th level and beyond. The PCs begin as rookies on a simple courier job, but are quickly lured into confronting a dark plan that threatens the peaceful region of Haranshire.

The player characters should have progressed to 5th level by the conclusion of Book I, The Evils of Haranshire. The action switches underground in Book II, Perils of the Underdark, as the heroes seek the apparently infinite world of the underdark for the fate of the kidnappers’ captives. They should all be 10th level or above by the time they reach the gloomy tunnel of the Sunless Sea in Book III, ready to face the ultimate evil behind the vast scheme.

Note on the print edition: all booklets, handouts, and maps have been compiled into a single volume (the maps have been split into individual pages). If you want to utilise the handouts and maps at your table, it is advised that you buy the PDF+Print bundle and print them using the PDF.

Product History

Night Below: An Underdark Adventure (1995) is a stand-alone Underdark campaign. It was released in November of 1995.

Origins (I): A Boxed Campaign. TSR started releasing generic campaigns as boxed packages by the mid-1990s. Some were one-time campaign worlds, such as Council of Wyrms (1994), while others were massive adventures, such as Dragon Mountain (1993) and Night Below: An Underdark Campaign (1995).

Origins (II): The Return of D. Night Below: An Underdark Campaign (1995) is plainly a reimagining of Gary Gygax’s original series of “D” adventures. Night Below, like that primordial adventure, is set in a populated underdark with monster cities and whole civilizations under the ground.

Night Below even features an Underdark ocean dubbed “The Sunless Sea,” a clear nod to the previously unknown area referenced in D2: “Shrine of the Kuo-Toa” (1978) and D3: “Vault of the Drow” (1979). (1978). Given Carl Sargent’s previous work as Greyhawk’s principal architect, some suspect that Night Below was initially meant as a Greyhawk campaign—or maybe as a trilogy of adventures, given it is clearly divided into three equal halves. Unfortunately, author Carl Sargent would be unable to comment on this rumour.

Origins (III): The Mysterious Disappearance of Carl Sargent. Simultaneously, he was engaged by FASA to be the new line developer for their Shadowrun game. He left Nottingham to go to Chicago to take the job… and was never seen or heard from again.

Various accounts believed that he was involved in a vehicle accident, that he had some other “medical condition,” or that he purposely vanished. Nothing has been verified. According to some sources, even his family is unaware of what happened to him. In any event, Sargent has been out of the business since 1995. (and from his professional career). In the early ’10s, Paizo editor Erik Mona launched a fresh search for Sargent and was told by one of “Sargent’s most frequent collaborators,” “I’ve always considered that if individuals want to vanish, they should be permitted.”

Adventures Styles: An Adventure Path. Night Below follows in the footsteps of the “D” adventures: it has an early adventure route that takes players from first level to somewhere in excess of tenth. However, unlike current adventure courses, Night Below lacks sufficient difficulties to level up the heroes. Night Below alluded to this by recommending that players employ “side-plots” and “mini-adventures” to fill out the game and add realism. Online, Dragon editor Dave Gross was more insistent, writing, “Don’t forget that expanding the Night Below campaign with smaller adventures is strongly encouraged, if not required.” Of course, he recommended Dungeon Adventures as a good site to look for such mini-adventures.

Adventure Styles: Locale-Based. Night Below is mostly a setting-based adventure. A sandbox settlement is followed by ruins crawls, mine crawls, and several underdark crawls in the first phase.

Adventure Tropes: Bringing Down the House. The players must invade a number of cities. The assault on the kuo-tean City of the Glass Pool is a straightforward hack-and-slash. There’s also a “Social Collapse Point system” that depicts what occurs when the gamers murder-hobo across the city.

Adventure Tropes: Let’s Negotiate. The invasion of the gigantic city of Aboleth may be as brutal, but there are also proposals for calmer infiltrations, which is more in sync with how players were intended to engage with the great subterranean cities of the original “D” adventures.

Not Necessarily The Miniatures Tie-In. there are several choices for bargaining in Night Below, ranging from basic hack-and-slash to more significant relationships with these Underdark nations. But it’ll all come down to the players…

Certainly not. The Miniatures Connection Wizards of the Coast obviously liked the name “Night Below,” since it was eventually published as an addition to the D&D Miniatures game as Night Below (2007). It had nothing to do with Sargent’s escapade a decade ago.

Greyhawk exploration Despite the fact that Night Below is a generic adventure, the appearance of a sunless sea has prompted many to situate it in Greyhawk, commencing on the other shore from the “D” adventures.

Notable Monsters So, who are the latest creatures to populate the Underdark? Sargent starts with some old favourites, such as illithids, kuo-tuo, and svirfneblin. He also emphasises the derro, who were referenced in early texts like the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide (1986) but were most extensively featured in Greyhawk adventures. The drow are almost gone, but the new rock-seer elf race has taken their place.

The Aboleth, on the other hand, are the most important monsters to rise to newfound Underdark prominence. They, like the derro, were referenced in the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide, but this was their first noteworthy appearance in the Underdark. It would elevate them to the status of one of the principal races of the underrealms.

Monsters of Note: A History of Aboleth. A History David “Zeb” Cook designed the aboleth for I1: “Dwellers of the Forbidden City” (1981), where they are characterised as “an amphibious, fishlike monster.” They rapidly became associated with Lovecraftian monstrosities, although enthusiasts have speculated that they may have been inspired by any number of strange fish, like agnathans or hagfish.

They were quickly republished in Monster Manual II (1983), followed by a full “Ecology of the Aboleth” in Dragon #131 (March 1988), the “Descent into Deepearth” issue. There, Brandon Grist created even more potent variants: the larger aboleth, noble aboleth, ruler aboleth, and grand aboleth. Their only other prominent adventure role came in Dungeon #12 (July/August 1988), in “Intrigue in the Depths,” which also introduced the saltwater aboleth.

The Aboleth reappeared in MC2: Monstrous Compendium Volume Two (1989) for AD & D 2e (1989), but only in its original form. That was until the publication of Night Below (1995), the most aboleth-y adventure yet, which also introduced a new variant: the aboleth genius.

Inside this box are

  • Three 64-page books compromising a single grand-scale adventure, which can be placed in any AD&D world.
  • 16 Player Handout sheets featuring art, maps, charts, and letters.
  • 8 two-sided DUNGEON MASTER Reference Cards providing cutouts, monster rosters, and two new evil deities.
  • An eight-page booklet of new MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM entries, detailing three new races and two new monsters.
  • 6 full-color poster maps detailing all the important locations in the entire campaign setting.

Night Below an Underdark Campaign PDF Download

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