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Nightbleed Fehervari Free PDF
Nightbleed Fehervari Free PDF
No. Of Pages: 46
PDF Size: 2 MB
Language: English
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Nightbleed, the first of Peter Fehervari’s short tales to be formally published under the Warhammer Horror banner, meets expectations as a frightening, low-key horror storey in its own right, as well as an interesting addition to The Dark Coil. Two souls are entwined in the Carceri Hive, on the night-shrouded planet of Sarastus. Ex-medicae Chel is down to using her abilities for a questionable synth-protein supplier, and she tells herself not to investigate where the raw materials originate from, but she still has bad visions. Skreech, the street prophet, plots his next tribute to the Night Below in the shadowy alleyways. As True Night draws near, the two are edging increasingly closer to a tragic rendezvous.

Nightbleed Fehervari Free PDF
Nightbleed Fehervari Free PDF

This is a terrific illustration of what the Warhammer Horror line can do so well: convey a ground-level narrative, highlighting how gloomy 40k can be, but yet working on its own without any previous knowledge of the setting. Fehervari emphasises the horror in everyday life—the hab corridor where the lights are always turned off; the sterile lab contrasted with the sample of oozing black liquid that can’t be natural; the old myths of nightmares in the dark—and weaves a storey in which dreams and reality are sometimes difficult to distinguish. Fans of Fehervari may think they know what to expect, but this is dark and unpleasant, even for a Dark Coil novel. Nonetheless, although there are plenty of goosebumps for those reading this as a standalone, there are subtle interconnections that hint at connections to previous Dark Coil novels, and it just calls out for further Sarastus research.

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