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Old Man and the Sea PDF
Old Man and the Sea PDF
No. Of Pages: 52
PDF Size: 371 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebooks and Novels
Author: Ernest Hemingway

Old Man and the Sea Summary

The epic conflict between an aged, seasoned fisherman and the largest catch of his life is told in The Old Man and the Sea. Santiago, an elderly Cuban fisherman, has been at sea for eighty-four days and has returned empty-handed. He is so unfortunate that his young, loyal apprentice and companion, Manolin, has been compelled to leave the old man in order to fish in a more lucrative boat. Nonetheless, the youngster continues to look after the elderly man when he returns home each night. He assists the elderly man in transporting his belongings to his makeshift hut, obtains food for him, and analyses the latest happenings in American baseball, particularly the struggles of the old man’s hero, Joe DiMaggio. Santiago is convinced that his fruitless run will stop soon, and he plans to sail out farther than normal the next day.

On the eighty-fifth day of his unfortunate streak, Santiago sails his skiff far beyond the island’s narrow coastline waters and into the Gulf Stream, as prophesied. He writes his lines and then drops them. At midday, a large fish, which Santiago recognises as a marlin, catches the bait that he has placed one hundred fathoms deep in the seas. The elderly guy skilfully hooks the fish, but he is unable to bring it in. Instead, the fish begins to pull the boat.

Unable to connect the line to the boat for fear of the fish snapping a taut line, the elderly man bears the strain of the line with his shoulders, back, and hands, ready to release slack if the marlin makes a rush. The fish drags the boat all day, all night, all day the next day, and all night the next day. It travels steadily northwest until it tyres and begins to swim east with the tide. Santiago is in chronic discomfort as a result of the fishing line. The cable severely cuts Santiago if the fish jumps, leaps, or makes a rush for escape. Despite his wounds and exhaustion, the old man has great empathy and affection for the marlin, his brother in pain, courage, and perseverance.

The fish are weary on the third day, and Santiago, sleep-deprived, hurting, and practically insane, manages to get the marlin in close enough to kill it with a harpoon thrust. The marlin, which lies dead near the boat, was the biggest Santiago had ever seen. He laces it to his boat, hoists the little mast, and sets sail for home. While Santiago is pleased with the price the marlin will fetch at the market, he is more concerned that the people who will eat it are undeserving of the fish’s grandeur.

The marlin’s blood creates a trail in the water, attracting sharks as Santiago sails on with the fish. The first to be assaulted is a large mako shark, which Santiago dispatches with the harpoon. During the battle, the elderly man loses the harpoon and many lengths of precious rope, leaving him exposed to more shark attacks. The elderly man fights off the fierce predators as best he can, stabbing them with a makeshift spear he fashions by attaching a knife to an oar and even beating them with the boat’s tiller. Despite killing numerous sharks, others come, and by the time night falls, Santiago’s struggle against the scavengers is futile. They consume the marlin’s valuable flesh, leaving just the skeleton, head, and tail. Santiago chastises himself for going “too far” and abandoning his brilliant and deserving opponent. He gets home before dawn, stumbles back to his cabin, and falls asleep quickly.

The next morning, a mob of stunned fisherman congregates around the skeleton carcass of the fish, which is still tethered to the boat. Tourists at a neighbouring café, unaware of the elderly man’s struggle, mistake the remnants of the big marlin for a shark. Manolin, who has been worried sick about the elderly man’s absence, bursts into tears when he discovers Santiago safe and sound in his bed. The youngster brings the elderly man coffee and the daily newspaper with baseball scores, then sits and watches him sleep. When the old guy awakens, the two resolve to go fishing again as partners. The old guy goes back to sleep and has his typical dream of lions playing on African beaches.

Old Man and the Sea PDF
Old Man and the Sea PDF

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