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Oliver Twist Pdf
Oliver Twist Pdf
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Author: Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist, often known as the “Parish Boy’s Progress,” is Charles Dickens’ second novel, initially published as a serial from 1837 to 1838. The narrative influenced social policy and the development of the present workhouse system.

Oliver Twist is one of Charles Dickens’ best-known works, with several stage and movie adaptations. Oliver has been played by a number of renowned performers, notably Sir Alec Guinness in 1948 and Mark Lester in 1968, who co-starred with Ron Moody as Fagin.

To help you grasp the narrative and its numerous “twists” and turns, we’ve put up an Oliver Twist summary.

In a Victorian workhouse, the narrative begins. Oliver Twist is an orphaned child. His workhouse existence is lonely and depressing. Oliver works as an apprentice for an undertaker, but after a battle with another trainee, he flees.

When Oliver arrives in London, he encounters Jack, a.k.a. the Artful Dodger, who provides him with a room. Unfortunately, Jack and his crew are pickpockets working for Fagin, a shady career criminal. Oliver is terrified as he watches the others take the pocket of an old gentleman and flee. Mr. Brownlow, a nice guy, takes Oliver in and watches after him.

Oliver Twist Pdf
Oliver Twist Pdf

Fagin and his gang reappear and grab Oliver, so it’s not “happily ever after” for him. They force Oliver to participate in a robbery, and he is wounded as a result. Oliver is nursed back to health by a family known as the Maylies. When he is healthy enough, they take him to see Mr. Brownlow, but they find his house deserted—he has moved to the West Indies.

Meanwhile, Fagin and his enigmatic associate, Monks, continue their search for Oliver, but to no avail. Oliver wakes up one day to find them staring at him after having a nightmare in which he sees them through his window. He sounds the alarm, but they run away before he has a chance to intervene.

Nancy overhears Fagin and the Monks conversing. She believes it’s time to tell Rose what she’s learned. Nancy tells Rose the truth about Monks, Oliver’s half-brother, who has been attempting to harm him in order to gain control of his inheritance funds. Mr. Brownlow is informed, and he proceeds to inform Oliver’s other caregivers. They decide they need to see Nancy again in order to find Monks.

Nancy meets them at an agreed time on London Bridge, but Fagin is suspicious and has dispatched Noah Claypole to spy on her. Nancy refuses to betray Fagin or Sikes, but she does inform Rose and Mr. Brownlow where they may locate the Monks.

Noah tells Fagin what he knows about the situation. Fagin then tells Sikes what he knows, despite the fact that he knows that telling him what he knows would end in Sikes attempting to murder her. Mr. Brownlow locates Monks, who reveals that Oliver’s birth was not as it seemed at first.

Sikes is attempting to flee, but he is being pursued. He died after falling off a skyscraper. Fagin is apprehended, receives a visit from Oliver, and is then executed. Oliver, Mr. Brownlow, and the Maylies end up settling down in a small English village.

That’s it for a quick overview of Oliver Twist! We hope you enjoyed this rapid tour of Victorian London as seen through the eyes of Oliver Twist.

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