[PDF] Online Chastity Keyholder PDF Download

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Online Chastity Keyholder PDF Download
Online Chastity Keyholder PDF Download
No. Of Pages: 89
PDF Size: 376 KB
Language: English
Category:  Ebooks and Novels
Author: Lucy Fairbourne
Source: Pdfdrive.com
Online Chastity Keyholder PDF Download

Summary of Online Chastity Keyholder PDF Download

From personal experience, I believe the first explanation is by far the most likely: the man in your life has called your attention to this book. If that’s the case, he’s hoping for a present from you. You’ll find out what that gift is and what you can expect in return as you continue reading this book.

The man is usually the one who wears the trousers in a heterosexual relationship. Part of it may be due to biology, but it certainly has something to do with the way most of us were raised, with boys being taught to be decisive and adventurous and ladies being urged to be desired and demure.

Then there’s the fact that men continue to earn more than their female counterparts; this means he’ll likely be the primary breadwinner, giving him a lot of say over how the family’s money is spent.

He’s also likely to be physically stronger and more stubborn than you are. Because women are socialised to be more caring, there’s a good chance you’re more aware of his needs than he is of yours (or your family’s), and he spends less time focused on you and more on his other objectives (such as his work).

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