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Power and Control Wheel PDF
Power and Control Wheel PDF
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Source: med.unc.edu

Domestic abuse is a set of actions used to achieve or keep power and control over another person. The Power and Control Wheel, designed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project in Duluth, MN, is our frame of reference for discussing abuse at The Hotline. In the diagram below, the Power and Control Wheel uses she/her pronouns for the victim and he/him pronouns for the offender, but the abusive behaviour described can occur in people of any gender or sexuality.

The wheel depicts the strategies used by an abusive spouse to maintain their victims in a relationship. The inner ring of the wheel reflects subtle, long-term habits, while the outer ring indicates physical and sexual assault. Abusive activities, like those shown in the outer ring, often help people use other, more subtle methods in the inner ring.


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